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Best carrier I've ever used for a heavy child

A Review On: Mama by Design Calyx Soft Structured Carrier

Mama by Design Calyx Soft Structured Carrier

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Pros: Amazingly simple and safe back carries, extreme comfort

Cons: Hard to get

I don't have enough good things to say about this carrier, and I'm very sad that they're not being sold right now. My first experience with it was wearing a tester for hours at a conference with a heavy child on my back. Almost every other carrier I owned was causing shoulder pain, but the sculpted, shaped shoulder straps made shoulder pain nonexistent with this. Not only that, I'm a plus-sized mama, and was able to hand it off to a petite mama, who had it adjusted for herself in seconds. We both found it comfy. This was the last carrier I used regularly for my special needs little girl, before I stopped being able to wear at all due to health issues. 


Gorgeous, comfortable, and a BRILLIANT design. Simply brilliant. The little "pouch" for back carries makes this one of the safest carriers out there for beginners to get comfortable with back carries. 


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