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Marshmallow Launcher

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Marshmallow Launcher

Be Amazing! Toys Marshmallow Launcher Kit How longs has it been since you launched a marshmallow from a gun with the power of your lungs? Discover a unique, amazing marshmallow launcher that is designed, built, and powered by you! You'll explore aerodynamics and flight principles as you try different launcher styles and even paper airplane designs. Your kit contains many cool activities, including: Build your own marshmallow launcher (with different designs!) Use your launcher to shoot marshmallows -- or the included puff-balls, if you play inside. (Your mom's white couches might not understand the beauty of sticky, aerodynamic wonder like you do.) Practice your sharp-shooting with the included targets Learn how to create different kinds of cool paper airplanes Make an awesome balloon rocket and straw glider Learn to play "marshmallow air golf." And many more fun activities! Use the stickers and decals in the kit to customize your launcher and make it one-of-a-kind. Along the way, you'll learn cool science and history facts about air, altitude, and even marshmallows! Includes: Storage bag Instructions Launcher pieces Decorative stickers and decals Targets Straws Airplane templates Balloon Pom poms ***Marshmallows NOT included***

FeatureUse it over and over, it all goes back in the zippered bag for easy clean up
LabelBe Amazing
List Price$18.99
ManufacturerBe Amazing
Product GroupToy
Product Type NameTOYS_AND_GAMES
PublisherBe Amazing
StudioBe Amazing
TitleMarshmallow Launcher
Release Date2008-07-01
Height1.5 inches
Length9 inches
Weight1.2 pounds
Width11.5 inches
BrandBe Amazing! Toys
Package Quantity1
Amazon Minimum Age96
Manufacturer Minimum Age96
Amazon Maximum Age216
Manufacturer Maximum Age216
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Toys and Education › Education › Science Equipment & Supplies › Marshmallow Launcher