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Medela Contact Nipple Shield - Standard Size (24mm)


Pros: Easy to find in the stores, baby's nose can contact your breast

Cons: WAY overdiagnosed, no info on package to use under direction of an IBCLC

These are way overdiagnosed.  They are a beast to wean from if your baby ever can wean from them.  My first son was severely tongue tied and couldn't latch at all.  We had to wait until we were allowed to leave the hospital plus an extra day to get in to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor to clip his frenulum.  He was super nipple confused by then.  I saw an IBCLC and she gave me the older version of these that the silicone goes in a full circle.  I lost one and wanted to have one in my diaper bag because my son literally could not nurse without it.  I found this one in a store and then realized they were in pretty much every store and lots of grocery stores.  This became my preferred one.  I can't give it 5 stars though it did what we needed it to do because there isn't information to only use under the direction of an IBCLC.  Too many people use these when there are other things they can do to help things like nipple pain.  They are hard to wean from and like with bottles you need to always carry clean water, dish soap, etc to clean it after every single feeding.  There's no case to put it in or anything so you have to make your own or use a ziplock bag or something.  It got the job done and my son was able to nurse until he was 14.5 months when he decided to be done.  Had things gone differently he probably would have nursed longer (his brother never used one and nursed until I had to wean him with pregnancy complications 2 years + 4 months).  You *can* keep a good supply with these but it may take more work.  It's thin enough you should get stimulated enough but you should ONLY use under the direction and watchful eye of an IBCLC.


Pros: Saved my nipple

Cons: Can mislead

I only used this because I had a severe open sore that took several weeks to heal and when I started to breastfeed again I had to use this.  It helped me get the baby back on the breast without continuing to open the wound.  Up to that point I was hand expressing only (YIKES).  Needs to come with a case or something cause you can easily lose this sucker, haha.


Pros: washes well

Cons: didn't fit comfortably for mom or baby

As a mom who has used nipple shields to help my preemies latch, I was disappointed in the new shape of Medela's nipple shield.  I first used the old design with my son who was tongue tied, and it worked really well.  I used them again for our 27 week preemie daughter with great success.  The LC in the NICU showed me this new design and recommended the old design but gave me both to try.  The old design worked well, but this design didn't.  It rubbed me raw on the notched side.  I tried flipping it around, which helped some, but it wasn't comfortable.  I guess if I had to use these I would, but overall I am glad I saved my old round ones.  Our newest son tried them once, screamed and was frustrated by them.


tried this for my yeast breast infection for relief of pain of nursing, but it didnt really work for us. My son looked at me like i was crazy (8 months) and my nipple is too small to really get into the large space allowed for ladies with bigger nips than me!


Pros: small, flexible, easy to wash

Cons: hope you don't need one! :)

If you really need a nipple shield to help establish nursing, this is the one you'll likely get. It has enough space to hold onto to put it in place but has a nice cutout so that the baby gets that extra contact with you. It's silicon and easy to wash. Not much you can say about it except that with the help of a good lactation consultant, this tiny thing could save your nursing relationship! As a result, as much as I didn't want to use it, I had to give it 5 stars!
Medela Contact Nipple Shield - Standard Size (24mm)

Medela Contact Nipple Shield - Standard

BindingBaby Product
FeatureEffective - Nipple shield use increases milk intake without decreasing total duration of breastfeeding for preterm infants
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TitleMedela Contact Nipple Shield - Standard Size (24mm)
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SizeStandard Size 24mm
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Breastfeeding › Breast Pump Accessories › Medela Contact Nipple Shield - Standard Size (24mm)