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A Review On: Medela Full Figure Seamless Underwire

Medela Full Figure Seamless Underwire

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Pros: Stretchy cups, Great Support, No strap digging, Full Coverage, Easy open and close

Cons: got a little pilly

I've had two of these bras for about a year. I said it got pilly, which is true, but I did not handwash as the care instructions read. I put in a lingerie bag in my washing machine and washed with other delicates. Overall, it's held up really well considering how I've treated it.


I have one in white and one in nude, and they were pretty much the only bras I wore throughout pregnancy and the last 4 months to accomodate my continuously growing and changing breasts. The underwire has finally popped out in one, but I've been wearing it literally every other day for a year, so I think that it's held up really well in light of the circumstances. During the summer, I washed these every 2 wearings, which also may or may not have contributed to the lifespan.

I ordered up a band size for the first, thinking that I'd keep growing and need a bigger band- it wasn't necessary. The cups are really stretchy, so the bras offer better support and stay put better when ordered in your correct band size - I highly recommend getting measured by someone qualified before ordering!


I plan to order more, as the price is really reasonable for a comfortable, supportive, easy to use nursing bra! Highly recommend.


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