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Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

90% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Breast Pumps


Pros: small and compact

Cons: none

I have only used this a few times in the past 6 years, since I purchased it. I would not recommend this to someone who pumps all the time. It does help with engorgement and over production in the first couple of weeks. I did pump a little for my first, but ended up wasting my time, as she would only drink from the source.


Pros: Good suction, easy to use

Cons: Flange can't be cleaned completely

I had this pump and I loved it. I could vary the suction and I always got plenty of milk with it. I actually liked the suction better than my electric pump because I could do a long pull then a quick off, whereas my electric pump would only do a long pull/long off or short pull/short off. So this pump was easy to adapt to my needs. Then the flange (center tube that connects the bottle to the part that goes on your boob) started growing green things, so I had to throw it out. Medela for some reason can't make a product where everything that touches milk can be easily and fully cleaned... there are little grooves in there that pose a problem. Eventually I will buy a new flange and boil it after each use. Aside from that this is an awesome pump but I advise everyone to boil that bit. Hot soapy water doesn't cut it.


Pros: No battery, No little parts, easy to clean, Works Great!

Cons: none

Bought this pump instead of an electric one based on the recommendation of my midwife. I am glad I listened to her and didn't spend more money on something I didn't need. After reading horror stories of how loud and hard the electric pumps suction is, I felt a lot better about purchasing this one.


The sucking action is similar to the natural sucking of a baby. Only 4 parts to clean, light and discreet, has dual action pump feature to help stimulate let down. Probably not for everyday use? I am not sure. I don't have to pump that often yet, but when I do, I haven't had any problems.


I got this from the hospital after birth. I am away from my daughter for about 6 hours a week and this pump is just what I need. It is compact enough tp throw in my bag and has a letdown pump as well as the milking suction.


Pros: occastional use

This pump is perfect for occasional use. Works very well. If needing something for back to work, check out the Medela swing pump or pump in style!

I used the Medela Harmony for 2 children and loved it.


Pros: easy to use, comes with storage bottles and nipples, affordable

Cons: suction is low after long term use

This pump has worked amazingly for me. The suction was very good, and I love the fact that it comes with storage bottle, and nipples for the bottles for use. We didn't bottle feed much, but when mommy needed a glass of wine, or an evening out, this was my saving grace.

I stored the pump for a while, and upon taking it back out, discovered the suction wasn't as good as before. Not sure if I stored it wrong, or I need to replace a part or what. I will tackle that hurdle when I have another child. For the money though, it was def worth it!


Pros: inexpensive, simple mechanical design, easy to clean, powered by you and not coal. all parts replacable.

Cons: not appropriate for full time working mothers who wish to solely breastfeed while out of the home, plastic breast mold does deteriorate after time.

sorry folks, i have no idea what the price was anymore...



if you primarily nurse, but want to make sure that there is human milk available when you are away for limited periods, this is really all that you need.  the suction easily produces let down at your own pace.  for my purposes, sometimes 3-5 times a day and up to 2 days a week, i was able to ensure that my daughter never needed a supplement while i was away.  it worked perfectly for me for almost a year and a half of my nursing time. 


save your money if you can, but buy medela because it is the best in the market.


a similar manual pump from another brand was far inferior to this model and i actually just threw it away since it was a second shot at the whole idea. 


so, save your time too and buy the medela product that meets your needs.


Pros: light weight I guess

Cons: I wouldn't suggest it for anyone with a C cup or higher

I got my first medela manual pump as a gift from my midwife back in 2005 and recieved another one as a gift after I had my second baby in 2007.  Both times it was a disaster.  


First off, the cone/funnel is too small for a larger breast, even when you take off the cover -- it says it's adjustable for larger and smaller breasts but mine only adjusted DOWN with little inserts and I really needed it to adjust UP!  The circumference was just not wide enough to support enough of my breast.


This pump caused a lot of pain for me, the few times I got it to "kind of work" it would only do so for a few minutes and either the valve would poof out of place or my boob would slip out of it LOL  


Not to mention it cause severe pain.  Did I say that already? 


I know a lot of people swear by medela, I am not one of them.  This was always the most "highly" recommended product for me and it was always the worst.  I know the brand is very popular and it might work well for some, but I just want you not to be mislead and spend a ton of money on an electric medela and find out it doesn't work for you either.  Try the manual pump first before you make a larger investment!  


Pros: Comfortable to use, compact

Cons: none

I love this little manual pump!  I found it extremely user friendly.  The innovative letdown function is great!  It is compact and easy to clean and very ergonomic to use.


Pros: comfortable, easy to use

Cons: not good for everyday use

This is a great hand pump for occasional use. I got two of these in the hospital with tubing to connect to the Medela Harmony hospital grade pump. Mine came with the medium flanges (24 mm) but you can get other sizes for a more comfortable fit if needed. As with all manual pumps, if you're going to be using it daily, it's probably worth your money to invest in a cheap electric pump like the Medela swing. This was much more comfortable for me until I got used to the electric pump.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

The only manual pump with breakthrough Natural Expression pumping for maximum milk flow. Natural Expression is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes. Let-down Mode?Simulates your baby's initial rapid suckling to initiate faster milk flow or ?let-down.? Expression Mode?Simulates your baby's slower, deeper suckling for maximum milk flow in less time. First and only manual pump with Natural Expression pumping designed for faster let-down and milk flow - the SoftFit Breastshield massages while you pump - the Ergonomic swivel handle for maximum comfort and flexibility - Easier assembly and cleaning?fewer parts than other manual pumps - Compatible with most standard baby bottles - No batteries required. Includes: one Harmony pump, one SoftFit Breastshield, two 5oz. containers with lids, one bottle stand, instructions and a Breastfeeding Information Guide. Please Note: Due to sanitary restrictions, this product is NOT returnable. Includes: one Harmony pump, one SoftFit Breastshield, two 5oz. containers with lids, one bottle stand, instructions and a Breastfeeding Information Guide.

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List Price$34.99
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TitleMedela Harmony Manual Breast Pump
Height8 inches
Length12 inches
Width8 inches
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