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Medela Nursing Stool Reviews


A must have!


Pros: Great height, natural wood goes with most decor

Cons: not padded

I love this stool!  Even though I'm not nursing right now we still use it-it's a perfect kid seat while I help get little ones socks on and stuff.  I end up sitting on it while changing diapers.  It was an awesome nursing stool and helped me get in just the right position on the couch to nurse.  I think every nursing mother should have one.



Pros: comfort

Cons: nothing

This was a great garage sale find! I knew I wanted one of these, and I have not been disappointed. I sit for hours in my rocker and having my feet raised makes a huge difference. When you breastfeed full time, comfort is paramount and this stool definitely aids in your comfort.

i love this stool


Pros: perfect height

i dont even remember how much i paid. it was on sale. i had tried it out at the store and brought it home. i love it. it helps my back and thighs feel better. it raises my legs up to help support the baby. i have been using it for a long time. i use it regularly, every time i sit in the rocking chair. my kids use it in the rocking chair, and my husband will use it to put on his work boots. everybody loves it. the baby uses it as a chair. lol. i got it in nautral wood and havent had any problems with chipping or peeling. it was real easy to put together and it really sturdy.

Makes Newborn Feeding Easy

This stool has the perfect position for nursing a newborn and beyond! Makes latch easier and more comfortable for your neck, shoulders, and back. You'll be amazed at what the proper position will do for your enjoyment of  nursing. My husband and I still fight for the rocking chair and footstool to drink our coffee in the morning.

Perfect footstool


Pros: Comfortable

Cons: None

I remember my mom having this stool when my sister was a baby so I got one when I was pregnant with my son.  It is miraculous how much more comfortable nursing in the rocker is with this footstool!  It really reduces strain and makes things much easier.  I highly recommend these!

Did its job


Pros: perfect for nursing

This stool was perfect for positioning my baby when nursing. It was inexpensive and now that my daughter is 21 months, she uses it as a sitting stool.

You get what you pay for


Pros: sturdy construction

Cons: The white paint chips off easily

I bought this stool to make learning to nurse my new baby comfortable since I have very short legs. I chose this stool on a whim since it was the cheapest in the store as well. The stool raises my knees to the perfect level to be able to easily rest my son in my lap to nurse him. It's a sturdy little stool and I have stood on it more than once without worry of it falling apart. You do have to assemble the pieces, but it is very easy to put together. I am dissappointed that the paint on the stool is starting to chip off after only 8 months of use, but it was also inexpensive compared to the other nursing stools I found.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Breastfeeding › Nursing Pillows & Stools › Medela Nursing Stool › Medela Nursing Stool Reviews