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A Review On: Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Shoulder Bag

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Shoulder Bag

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Pros: easy to carry, easy to clean, plenty of room to store, speed/strength adjustment

Cons: milk gets in tubing which is annoying to clean, side pockets not really useful

This pump saved my breastfeeding relationship. My DD was born full term and taken to the NICU 4+ hrs away by helicopter.  My parents bought me this pump after I had limited success first with a hand pump and then with a hospital Ameda pump. They paid too much because it was sort of an emergency and didn't have time to order online or wait for a coupon. I've pumped everywhere with it. In the hospital, cars, closets, bathrooms, my desk at work, you name it.  There is plenty of room in the bag for a baby blanket or cloth, the bottles, and something to pass the time. The fabric holds up really well despite abuse.  I used it at least once a day every day for a year, and it is as good as new.  It's easy to find replacement parts if you damage yours (although I think this is unlikely).  As a PP mentioned, it is definitely not a single user product despite the warning. My ONLY complaint is that condensation gets into the tubing.  You can resolve this by detaching the pflanges from the tubing for a minute when you finish pumping; letting air run through the tubes to dry them.  Although the resale value is great, I'm keeping mine for future babies!


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