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Don't clean very well at all!

A Review On: Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

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Pros: Convenient product

Cons: They don't perform well at all

I bought a box of these prior to returning to work thinking they would help cut down on the time it took to clean my pump parts and baby bottles at the end of a long day. I did not have luck with these at all! The instructions recommend a few different "cook" times on the microwave depending on the power setting on the microwave and also a set amount of water to add into the bag along with your pump parts to create steam. I even tried playing around with microwaving at the different temperature settings recommended in the instructions and using more water (thinking it might create more steam and therefore clean things better) but each time I tried to clean my pump parts and Medela bottles in these bags they would come out with a stinky-smelling, oily film all over them. I would save your money and hand-wash your parts and bottles or stick them in the dishwasher!


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