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Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Wooden Toys


Pros: Great tactile and auditory sensations

Some friends gave this set our little girl for her 2nd birthday and she loves it. When you "slice" through the two halves of the apple, the velcro discs holding them together separate with a satisfying sound. It sounds and feels like you're really cutting through an apple! Of course, she just loves playing with pretend food of any kind, and whether she's slicing them apart or pulling them apart, she has lots of fun. This is a simple but well-made and beautiful toy set.


Pros: good for learning and for fun

Cons: velcro stickers are not completely durable

busy cutting.jpg


bought this toy for my daughter when she was 21 month old. she absolutely loves this toy! keeps her entertained for a long time; very versatile. pieces can be served as is or chopped up in a "soup".





Pros: last a long time, 1-5 big age range

Cons: paint may scratch after lot of use, tempting to get lots of additional sets which gets expensive

Great toy for learning to use two hands together, fine motor strength, and pretend play. It only comes with one wooden knife but a plastic knife can be used if playing with a friend. Kids seem to really like this toy, it is popular when friends visit. 

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Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box

Ages 3+Over 30 Hand-Painted wooden Pieces Including knife and Cutting Board!The Cutting Food Set helps teach fine motor skills and hand-eye coordinator; encourages imaginative and independent play as well as introducing fractions.Extension Activities:Ask the child to identify each food and categorize it as a fruit, vegetable or grain. Place the food items in a row. Ask the child to count the number of food items. Repeat the activity until the child is able to count them independently. Ask the child to place the apple on the cutting board and cut it apart with the wooden knife. Explain that the apple has been cut into two equally sized pieces or halves. Ask the child to find another piece of food that could be cut in half (the pepper). Ask the child to place the sandwich bread slices together on the cutting board and to use the wooden knife to cut them into individual slices. Explain that the bread was cut into three equal slices or thirds. (Do not use the loaf of bread for this activity.) Ask the child to place the watermelon slice on the cutting board and to cut it apart with the wooden knife. Explain that the watermelon slice has been cut into four pieces or fourths. Place four or more foods in front of the child. Let him/her study them before asking the child to close his/her eyes while you remove one piece. Ask the child to identify which piece was removed.We Care about your comments. Please call us! -Melissa & Doug 1-800-284-3948All Melissa & Doug products are carefully crafted using non-toxic coatings and meet or exceed all US toy testing standardsMade in China

FeatureRecommended Age Range 3 Years and up
LabelMelissa & Doug
List Price$19.99
ManufacturerMelissa & Doug
Product GroupToy
Product Type NameTOYS_AND_GAMES
PublisherMelissa & Doug
StudioMelissa & Doug
TitleMelissa & Doug Cutting Food Box
Release Date2006-06-12
Height12 inches
Length3 inches
Weight3.8 pounds
Width11 inches
Batteries Included0
BrandMelissa & Doug
Package Quantity1
Amazon Minimum Age36
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Manufacturer Minimum Age36
Amazon Maximum Age72
Manufacturer Maximum Age72
Size3 years-and UP
Maximum Weight Recommendation6614
DepartmentKitchen and Play Food
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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