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Moby Wrap Original

91% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Stretchy Wraps


Pros: comfortable, versatile

Cons: gets hot in the summer, pricy

I love this wrap. It was great when DD was a tiny newborn and we still love it now at almost 6 months. It did take a few weeks to really figure it out, but now I can put it on and get her in no time, and it's so easy to switch from forward-facing to facing towards me if she gets sleepy.


I put it on before I leave the house to avoid the fabric dragging in the parking lot.


I use this a lot around the house.  My baby girl enjoys being in it.  I haven't had a problem with it stretching out too much.  I've washed it 3 times and the color has not faded.  Very easy to use once you know the basic set-up wrap.  I like the black because it looks good with all my clothing choices!


Pros: comfort, security

Cons: learning curve, lots of material

I was new to babycarrying when my daughter was born last year.  I needed something that would be easy on my back and shoulders, and the Moby was recommended because the weight is distributed.  I've loved it!  It's a little overwhelming when you first see it, because there is a lot of material, but I quickly got the hang of tying it after a few practice runs.  My daughter just turned one, and I still wrap her in it!  She's comfortable and snuggly warm!


Pros: comfy and soft

Cons: maybe a it long...

the moby was a GODSEND for us! DD was born with intestinal issues and i literally had her in the wrap 6+hrs a day until she was 4 months old then 3+ hrs a day until she was about 7 months. she didnt like going on my back in the wrap so after 7 months we mostly did a hip carry in the wrap or a sling and a back carry in a mei tie. i would never have been able to make it the first 6 months of her life without the moby seriously! i also have a HORRIBLE back and at the end of the day i didnt feel great but the moby offered far more support and comfort than any other carrier i have ever used.


I have to say that we love our Moby! I've tried several other carriers, but none of them seem to have the same back support and overall comfort. I've been carrying my daughter in it since she was days old, and now at 8 months she gets excited when she sees me putting it on and tries to climb in :)  She's over 18 lbs now, but it is still quite comfy to carry her in it. 


I love that there are so many different holds, but you still put it on the same way every time. There is a learning curve, but once one figures that out it is super easy to put. I highly recommend this carrier; we wear ours all the time. 


I've washed ours many times and the color has held, and I've also never had a problem with stretching. 


Pros: versatile, soft, comfortable, sooo much back support, washable, cozy

Cons: takes some learning and can be warm in hotter weatehr

I love our moby and am about to use it for our the next baby. It is the only carrier that adequately supports my back and doesn't make it ache. Dh even liked it if I'd wrap it for him. orngtongue.gif It does have a bit of a learning curve but after just a few tries I was a master. Videos on youtube helped a lot. I wore this from newborn until ds was too squirmy to want to be carried at a year. 


Pros: Trendy and made of fabric

Cons: too much fabric, time consuming

I first found the Moby online and purchased one for my niece when she was having her daughter. I had heard good reviews a bout it and thought it would be a great gift. My niece has never commented on the wrap (she lived in Hawaii) and I guess I have never really asked her about it. I assumed it was great.


With my daughter we used a Maya Wrap and really liked using it. In fact, we used the Maya up until my daughter was about 4 years old.


I purchased the Moby Wrap to use with my son and it was so confusing and the amount of fabric needed was insane. It took too long to get it on and felt cumbersome when used in the car. I finally gave up.


Pros: comfortable, cozy for small babies

Cons: only works until about 15-16 lbs.

I love my Moby wrap for a baby up to about 4-5 months.  Both my daughters have loved riding around in it and sleep better in it than any other carrier.


Pros: Comfortable when actually on

Cons: Such a long piece of fabric! Complicated to figure out

I didn't care for this carrier - and actually ended up with an ergo. The fabric is so long, so for my frame (i'm 5') everything dragged on the ground - I couldn't imagine putting this on at the super market or the mall. Also, it was a bit complicated and the fabric twisted when you set it up on your body - add that along with a crying baby, it was no fun :(


The only hold my daughter liked for was the newborn hold - which was extremely comfortable, but you need a second person to help you put it on. 


Pros: Cozy, well made, comfortable

Cons: A little long for short, skinny mamas, too warm in hot climates

I bought this wrap before my first child was born, back in 2009, but I still recommend it to everyone I know. It's the gift I give to first time mamas, every time. It may seem a little daunting at first, but it's well worth the time you spend learning how to use it. I think it took me about 3-4 days to get the hang of it and once I did, it was so easy to throw on. It's the wrap I use with my babes when they are brand new until they are about a year old. It's easy to adjust and so comfortable. I honestly can't think of many bad things to say, except it's a little warm in the heat of Texas summers. Other than that, it's perfect!

Moby Wrap Original

Moby Wrap Baby Carriers are amazingly comfortable and easy to wear! The design of the Moby Wrap uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby. Unlike other carriers, which have narrow straps or go across one shoulder, the Moby Wrap is a wide piece of fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders and tied on your waist. There are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners which make wearing simple. The Moby Wrap is long enough to fit all sizes of baby wearers and babies - preemie to 35-pounds. Instructional booklet included.

BindingBaby Product
FeatureCan be used for a preemie to 35 pounds child
LabelMoby Wrap
List Price$39.95
ManufacturerMoby Wrap
Number Of Items1
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
PublisherMoby Wrap
StudioMoby Wrap
TitleMoby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier, Chocolate
Height0.8 inches
Length217 inches
Weight1.5 pounds
Width24 inches
Batteries Included0
BrandMoby Wrap
Manufacturer Maximum Age36
SizeOne Size
Maximum Weight Recommendation3500
Clothing SizeOne Size
Fabric Type100% Cotton
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Wraps › Stretchy Wraps › Moby Wrap Original