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A Review On: Moby Wrap Original

Moby Wrap Original

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Pros: kangaroo hold, nursing abilities, face in or out, secure, good for daddy too

Cons: too hot for warmer months, not the quickest to put on

  When I was pregnant, I read reviews on what type of carriers to purchase-I decided on a wrap because they were taught to the body and had so many options for wear. After searching for something affordable, I came across the Moby and decided to trust the reviews and awards it had and purchased it. It took me several times to get it wrapped well at first but I eventually got several different ways of wrapping down well and still use them 9mths later. When my son was a newborn, the Moby is what got us through the first few months-I was able to get around, do chores, take walks and keep him calm. If he was particularly fussy I'd just wrap him up and it'd be over. I found however, that in the heat of the summer this was no way to get around outside and now that he weighs much more it's become a lot harder for me to wear for any prolonged amount of time(most noticably because I am still nursing and his weight pressed against my chest does cause some discomfort). I also have to have a nice 5 foot radius to get myself wrapped which is hard to do in public. Despite all that, I still love this wrap and find it beyond it's worth in money!! So many options and such a great baby-wearing accessory!!! I am also a doula and have found the length and durability of the Moby a great prop when assisting mother's in labor so if you are planning to purchase this try getting it before the baby comes and have your birth partner use it like a birthing scarf!

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Such a sweet picture!
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Wraps › Stretchy Wraps › Moby Wrap Original  › Reviews › dlutt10's Review