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Moby Wrap Original Reviews

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Not What I had Hoped for in a wrap


Pros: Trendy and made of fabric

Cons: too much fabric, time consuming

I first found the Moby online and purchased one for my niece when she was having her daughter. I had heard good reviews a bout it and thought it would be a great gift. My niece has never commented on the wrap (she lived in Hawaii) and I guess I have never really asked her about it. I assumed it was great.   With my daughter we used a Maya Wrap and really liked using it. In fact, we used the Maya up until my daughter was about 4 years old.   I purchased the Moby Wrap to use with my son and it was so confusing and the amount of fabric needed was insane. It took too long to get it on and felt cumbersome when used in the car. I finally gave up.

Not worth the hassle


Pros: comfy, soft

Cons: difficult to put on, very hot, too much material, overpriced for a piece of fabric

The end result is good, but everything leading up to it is not. It is too much material for a petite woman like myself and is such a pain and hassle to put on every time. i always had fabric hanging and dragging on the ground getting dirty, and all the wrapping around would make me and my lo so very hot. it is overpriced for a simply piece of fabric as there is really no sewing or anything involved in the production other than just cutting, i could have made one myself if i knew. doesnt matter anyways because i just ended up selling mine.

I honestly don't get why people like this wrap


Pros: none

Cons: totally inconvenient

I can't stand this wrap. A friend bought it for me b/c she loved hers. I thought it was nothing but a major pain in the ass. I was putting it on correctly, after trying for hours, and days to get it right. My husband took one look at it and was like, no way! Its a long piece of fabric that you fold in half the long way. It should already be folded for you out of the bag. Then you have to wrap it around your waist, and throw the fabric over your shoulders and tie it around your waist. Trying to fit my child into it was a nightmare. She was not safely snug in it. I felt it was really uncomfortable as the fabric did not stay put, the shoulder pieces were loose and it rided up my waist....
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Wraps › Stretchy Wraps › Moby Wrap Original  › Moby Wrap Original Reviews