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Moby Wrap Original Reviews

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Great starter wrap


Pros: Comfortable, relatively easy to use

Cons: Can get hot, Not comfortable after 15 lbs

This is a great way to learn to babywear.  The stretchy fabric is nice and cozy for parents and babies, especially newborns.  However, since it is stretchy, the fabric starts to sag in the 15-20 lb range.

Make Your Own & Save Money


Pros: great carrier, versatile, simple

Cons: cost, one size fits MOST

I purchased my Moby wrap mostly because I thought it was on sale and when I got to the register and it wasn't actually on sale after all, I made the impulse decision to keep it and not put it back on the shelf. I think Moby-style wraps are great, but essentially you are paying a boat-load of money for a long piece of fabric. After buying it, I went to my local fabric store and purchased two lengths of similar fabric for the same price I paid for the Moby. I added four cute patches to my cart, some rubber bands, twine and some RIT dye, went home, split the lengths of fabric lengthwise and went to work tie-dyeing my four wraps and sewing the patches onto the center where the Moby logo...
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Too much work!


Pros: Cute, fits any body type

Cons: Babe didn't like it!

I know many people swear by the Moby Wrap, but this did not work for me or my son! Even after I got the hang of putting it on, my son would fuss and fuss. To this day, he does not like blankets on so I think this was too much fabric on him.   That said, for babies who do end up liking the Moby, I can see some advantages. For example if two parents were really different sizes, both could use the same carrier.  

It was ok...


Pros: comfy, great for a newborn, secure, portable, adjustable

Cons: hard to figure out, too warm, pricey, too confining as baby gets older

I bought this on a reccomendation from my friend. I loved it when my son was a newborn and wanted to be close to me at all times but it was rather warm and he would get pretty swetty so we didn't use it very often. It is defiantely not something to use in the summer. As my son got older he didn't like it as much and I found it difficult to work with as far as postioning him and me still being comfortable. I also found it difficult to use just by reading the instruction manual...I had to actually got watch Youtube videos to figure it out.

MOST COMFORTABLE baby carrier, but too expensive. Easy to make one of your own


Pros: comfort

Cons: expensive

I own a lot of baby carriers, but this is by far the most comfortable.  You can wear your baby in a million different ways. This is great for my back and my outward facing baby.  But kind of expensive for just a long piece of material.  Really, anyone can make one of these by buying a piece of Jersey knit fabric (about 4 yards) and cutting it down the middle, and you have your home made Moby wrap for less than $10, and you have one for your friend (the other half you cut off) 
Mum to Grace

Got lost in the fabric... :(

Added the Moby Wrap to my registry after hearing rave reviews from a friend. Used it only a handful of times. Yes, once I got DD into it, she was snug and comfy. But OMG so much fabric! For those unfamiliar, the Moby is basically one very long swathe of fabric that you oragami around yourself and baby. I personally found it much too cumbersome for our taste.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Wraps › Stretchy Wraps › Moby Wrap Original  › Moby Wrap Original Reviews