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Moby Wrap Original Reviews


Great starter wrap


Pros: Comfortable, relatively easy to use

Cons: Can get hot, Not comfortable after 15 lbs

This is a great way to learn to babywear.  The stretchy fabric is nice and cozy for parents and babies, especially newborns.  However, since it is stretchy, the fabric starts to sag in the 15-20 lb range.



Pros: nicely made

Cons: lots of fabric

I bought this in anticipation of making life simpler with my 2nd child. My 2nd child did not like being in this for more than 10 minutes. It is also a pain to try and wrap myself, while trying not to get it on the ground and a screaming baby wanting me. I really did try to make this work for me. It may have just been my high needs baby. I will try this again for my 3rd baby due in February.

Great for Newborns


Pros: snug, skin to skin

Cons: a bit tricky to use

This wrap is great for newborns - keeps them very close to you and warm and snug. It is a bit tricky to understand how to tie, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy.

Moby Wrap is great


Pros: versitle

Cons: takes time to learn how to use it

I love the moby wrap, it is our only carrier from birth to 9 months. I love how versatile it is, I can use it in several different ways depending on baby's mood or what i am doing.
Kelly Hyde

Moby wrap


Pros: Cozy, comfortable, lightweight

Cons: Time inefficient, unable to back carry, gets stretched out between washes

The moby wrap, although time consuming to put on, is quite comfortable for me and my four-month-old. We have worn it hiking and at the beach, but my complaint is, when we are out and it's just the two of us running errands, I would prefer a carrier easier to put on and take off. It also stretches a lot between washes, which can make baby droop during long wearings. Overall, it has been useful, though, and much more comfortable for me as the wearer than a hand-me-down baby bjorn I was given.

Good for newborns with colic


Pros: light weight and portable

Cons: Not good for heavier babies

It took me a lot of practice to get the wrapping down. I was too slow, or too tight or too loose. But now it is fast and easy.  I used it a lot when my boy was a newborn; it really helped with his colic.  He would stop crying and go to sleep and I could get work done.  I stopped using it my son was 7 months old because he got too heavy for this type of wrap.
Becky Lassiter

Love it


Pros: one size fits most, can wear many different ways

Cons: none

I love my moby wrap, makes me feel so snug and close to baby.. my baby loves it too.. she is 18 months and I still use it with her.

Moby Wraps are LIFE SAVERS!

I am absolutely CRAZY about my Moby Wraps - I own two because I love them SO much! They are so quick and easy! It seems like so much material and a little overwhelming at first, but it's really simple and quick once you learn how to do it. And because YOU are the one wrapping it up, you can control the looseness or tightness. When babies get bigger, they might like it a tad looser so they can squirm a little, but when my babe's going to sleep, I like it snug so I can wear it around the house to clean, etc. You do have to practice putting it on the first few times (I did this in front of a mirror...sounds silly but it helps you to see what you are doing and to understand the wrap...
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MOBY is my hero!


Pros: So comfortable, It is easy to clean, Keeps the baby close to my heart,Baby LOVES it,he is always happy to be in it, there are several ways to wear it.

Cons: It takes some practice tying it, If you are a bigger hipped gal the Moby does shrink and needs to be stretched before you can comfortably wear it.

I was SO pleased with my Moby Classic Wrap that THIS is the exact post I made about it on my facebook page:    My mom just bought a MOBY wrap for Christopher and me. I swear that I always thought they were for smelly hippies before today, I LOVE MINE> more importantly, Christopher loves it but do not think for one second that I have become a proud rainbow sister.....seriously these MOBY wraps are AWESOME, and totally not for smelly hippies. http://www.mobywrap.com/  

Love my moby wrap


Pros: baby loves it, convenient, fairly comfy

Cons: hurts back, difficult to get on, may be stressful on baby's hips

Pro's: Overall I love the Moby wrap and use it constantly. My son falls to sleep in it within 5 minutes, every time, guaranteed, and will sleep through anything. When his head is tucked in (he is 2.5 mos, so still small), I can move with complete freedom even bend over and I trust that he is safely secured. It's great for doing housework in and fairly comfy.   Con's:  Is a bigger pain to put on than others, my soft-shelled carrier is preferred for shopping trips, also due in part to the moby being so long it is hard to put in on in a parking lot without the ends dragging on the ground.  DH likes it, but generally needs some help getting it on. Also does not seem...
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Wraps › Stretchy Wraps › Moby Wrap Original  › Moby Wrap Original Reviews