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Moby Wrap Original Reviews




Pros: long, stretchy, comfy, versatile

Cons: takes practice

I absolutely love my Moby wrap, and so does my daughter! When she was a newborn (up to 6 months) I wore her pretty much anytime we went somewhere, on walks, and doing light house work. When she was a newborn I wore her in the cradle carry and as she got older she wanted to face outward, which she loved the most. I am having another soon and intend to buy 2 more in different colors!

Wonderful Wraps for babies!


Pros: Comfortable, affordable, versatle

Cons: time to put on, gets loose after long wear with larger babies/toddlers

Overall, I really love this wrap. It's an especially great wrap for new babies! It worked so awesome for my son when he was little. He's 2 now, and I can still use this wrap with him, but b/c it's a stretchy wrap, it does get a little loose over time. It's an easy fix, we just re-wrap. That's normal with stretchy wraps though, and it's def worth it for the price you pay. These are a great introductory wrap. They fit over your shoulders so nice, so you don't have material digging in. I love that you can wear the wraps in so many different ways... that versatility is really nice as your child grows. I have the UV protection wrap, and I love that it has spf 50 protection. I chose...
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My favorite small baby/newborn wrap


Pros: soft, comfy, holds baby nice and close

Cons: time consuming to learn how to use, and takes a long time to put on /take off

THe Moby is a great early wrap, it just snuggles those newborns in close where you want them when they sleep for hours and hours anyway. I'd put it on in the morning and wear the baby for several hours, and the snuggle would help them sleep. Sometimes I would wear facing out too, though not as much.   It's not as good for when your baby is awake and needing a lot of other care and attention: getting them in and out frequently screws up the wrap and so if you're nursing a lot or practicing elimination communication and taking your baby to pee every 15 minutes, it's not a good carrier. In this case I switch to a sling or something more easy-in, easy-out.

Great wrap for New Baby


Pros: Comfy, price, cozy

Cons: Little intimidating at first

Great wrap for a new little baby.  Once I got the hang of wrapping, I loved my moby and would have been lost without it.  At first, it was a bit intimidating to figure out, but then it became like second nature.  I recommend a Moby to all new mommies.

My go-to wrap


Pros: Easy to put on, comfortable carry, can breastfeed

Cons: hard to taker her out during use

I use this carrier whenever we take walks.  I also use it when I need to get errands done.  She initially resists being put in, but as soon as we start moving, she instantly conks out, or at the very least, settles down and then sleeps.  It's really easy for me to put on and mostly easy to get her in.  After a few times of using it, we had the routine down.  I would say that it's not easy to get into when you're running errands, so I put it on before I go, and just take her in and out as needed, (i.e. - into the car seat, etc). I love this carrier and have used to it breastfeed when I'm walking - right in downtown Philadelphia with tons of people around.  ...
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Learning curve, but very easy to use


Pros: very good for young babies and multiple users

Cons: takes awhile to get used to wrapping so much material

I have used this wrap for years, and it is still my go to carrier!  It worked really well for our preemies, and I have used it comfortably on long days, 10 hours at Disney, and been really comfortable.  I love that it is versatile, both my husband and I can use it and we can carry our 2 yr old or our 7 month old and need only 1 carrier.  Best carrier for the price that I have found in 15 plus years of baby wearing.

Make Your Own & Save Money


Pros: great carrier, versatile, simple

Cons: cost, one size fits MOST

I purchased my Moby wrap mostly because I thought it was on sale and when I got to the register and it wasn't actually on sale after all, I made the impulse decision to keep it and not put it back on the shelf. I think Moby-style wraps are great, but essentially you are paying a boat-load of money for a long piece of fabric. After buying it, I went to my local fabric store and purchased two lengths of similar fabric for the same price I paid for the Moby. I added four cute patches to my cart, some rubber bands, twine and some RIT dye, went home, split the lengths of fabric lengthwise and went to work tie-dyeing my four wraps and sewing the patches onto the center where the Moby logo...
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Enjoyable Wrap


Pros: nice variety, comfy

Cons: inconvenient to put on, can be too warm

I only used Moby for 4.5months because I left it at home before we moved abroad. I have it again and will likely use it with our newborn I'm expecting. I really enjoyed the texture of the moby and the variety of carries it offered. I also like variety of colors. Moby has grown in popularity so there are many places to find/purchase it which means there are many resources online for assistance if you need help. I loved wearing the Moby in my daughters early months.   My complaint is that its difficult to get on easily. If I didn't put it on before I left the house and wear it while I travelled, I'd have it dragging on the ground as I tied it on afterwards.  It seems minor...
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Wrapped in love


Pros: Conforms to baby, many ways to wear baby, soft and durable

Cons: Takes a little longer to put on, harder to use as child grows

I loved my Moby. My husband and I used it everyday, all day. We went for walks, did our shopping, visited friends, went out to eat, cooked, vacuumed; you name it, we did it, all with our little one tucked safe inside our Moby. For the first 6 months of our LOs life, nap times took place solely in the Moby, snuggled close to mama and baba. The Moby was a life saver when the LO would cry uncontrollably. We just popped her inside and within minutes she'd be quietly observing her surroundings or fast asleep. The only real drawback we found with this wrap is that it becomes painful to wear once the child begins to weigh more. For us this occurred around 6 months. I would highly recommend the...
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