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Moby Wrap Original Reviews


A beautiful way to keep baby close and happy


Cons: Takes a little bit of practice and sometimes and extra set of hands or a spotter

The Moby Wrap is an instant baby soother. Anytime baby is unhappy I just put him in the Moby and it was almost instant calm. In the beginning I would remove my top and get baby naked  then place him in the wrap for beneficial skin to skin contact. Baby wants to be close to mama for obvious reasons and this is a great way to achieve that while having your hands free. It's even great for breastfeeding while walking and staying discreet if that's your preference. The only thing next to swaddling to mimic that womb like feeling. My baby lived in the Moby for the first 5 months of life. Forget the baby swings and rockers and give them the real deal with the Moby Wrap and keep your hands...
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Great carrier for little ones.


Pros: Comfortable, versitile, convenient- can take babe in and out without removing.

Cons: Only good for lighter/younger babies, learning curve to get the hang of.

I loved this carrier for a newborn.  It was easy to breastfeed in.  I like that you can take out the baby for changes etc, and put them back in, while keeping the carrier on.  It was indispensable for the first few months.  I have since moved on to a mei tai half buckle and miss the comfort and convenience of this carrier.

Loved it


Pros: weight was evenly distributed

Cons: lots of fabric

Once I was shown the moby wrap it was all I wanted.  My heavy baby no longer hurt my back to wear.  I was able to cook, vacuum and walk while being close to my little one.  I would highly recommend it if you have someone near you who can show you how to wear it. 

Moby wrap, hands free


Pros: secure and comfortable

Cons: gets hot in summer, not easy to get in and out of so you end up leaving it on

After a few sessions in the Moby you get use to wrapping yourself and also get a feel for how tight you want it.  It is not easy to take on and off, so a lot of times when my son wanted out of the wrap I would just keep wearing it.  The downside is I would get super hot and so would he during warmer weathers or long walks.  I also could not do household chores with it on because I always would wear him in front and you need that across chest arm reach for sweeping and dishes, etc.  (but who cares about not getting housework done.)   I liked it because I could keep it in the car and just wrap up quickly.  He liked to always face forward so baby wearing...
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Pros: very secure, comfy, easy for discreet breastfeeding

Cons: very warm, you have to "get the hang of" it

It can take a few tries to get used to using the Moby, but when you do it is easy secure and allows for awesome bonding. Its easy to breastfeed in (just wiggle your LO down a bit and expose and latch. For even more discreet BFing you can pull the shoulder portion right up to LO's cheek. The only down side is its very warm for my sweaty baby, but perfect for keeping warm in the cold months. Its easy to just leave on when you get in and out of the car so there isn't a whole lot of un/re-tying it. just once a day on and once a day off. I prefer a sling for simple quick trips though. 
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Wonderful for Newborns


Pros: easy to adjust, worked for my husband

Cons: very warm in hot weather

This was perfect for a newborn and allowed a first time mom to feel comfortable and secure wearing her baby. 

Great carrier for little babies!


Pros: comfy, supportive, snuggly

Cons: takes a little practice

I was soo excited to try my Moby, but when my son was born, I could not figure it out!! I was very frustrated, but a friend suggested watching an online video. Ohhh! Once I learned what I was doing wrong and how to fix it, the joy of baby wearing was now mine :) It was perfect for my son for 6 weeks (when I figured it out) till he was about 4-5 months. We still use it and love it, but have also incorporated the Ergo, because it is more supportive for my active baby!!  The material is soft and stretchy, which my son liked, because it allowed him to move and be comfortable. Especially when he was younger, it was a sure-fire way to put him to sleep! 

Too much work!


Pros: Cute, fits any body type

Cons: Babe didn't like it!

I know many people swear by the Moby Wrap, but this did not work for me or my son! Even after I got the hang of putting it on, my son would fuss and fuss. To this day, he does not like blankets on so I think this was too much fabric on him.   That said, for babies who do end up liking the Moby, I can see some advantages. For example if two parents were really different sizes, both could use the same carrier.  

Love the comfy fit


Pros: fits even a bit more curvey women

Cons: a bit too stretchy once they reach 20 pounds or so

I really like my Moby for the comfort and fit.  My only complaint is that the support was not there for toddlers.  I wore mine all winter, it had great coverage and kept my ds really snug!

Starter wrap


Pros: Soft material, feels like baby is comfortable. Machine washable.

Cons: Too long and bulky. More fabric than necessary for most wraps.

This wrap is a good quality wrap. If you intend to be a frequent baby carrier, you may become bored with the color selection. Also, since this is a stretchy wrap, it's not suitable for larger children.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Wraps › Stretchy Wraps › Moby Wrap Original  › Moby Wrap Original Reviews