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Moby Wrap Original Reviews


My husband and I both love it!


Pros: comfortable, soft, affordable, wide age range

Cons: takes a minute to put on, can be warm, not as good for in-and-out wearing

I absolutely loved this wrap, especially for my baby's first year. I felt confident wearing her from newborn up to toddler, and my husband loved it too. It's very comfortable in almost all weather. There were only a few summer days when it was just too hot to wear her for our walk. The fabric really distributes the weight well so it doesn't feel like wearing straps.   I didn't find the front-facing carry to be as easy or comfortable with this wrap. And after taking baby in and out a couple of times the fabric stretched to where it was harder to position her well and had to be retied.   But overall I really love this wrap, and my daughter does too! I very quickly...
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Not Good for Active Babies

Everyone seems to love this wrap, so I bought one for my son before he was born. He tolerated it for about a week before he fussed everytime I put him in it. I think it is because he has always been a very alert baby. He always wants to look around and have his arms free. Now that he is older (almost 8 months) he will only let me put him in it if he is really sleepy. Otherwise, he will have nothing to do with it and I have to carry him around the old fashioned way. :) One last thing I discovered that I don't like about this wrap is that you have to have someone help you if you want to put the baby on your back, which doesn't work for me because I am at home by myself...
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It was ok...


Pros: comfy, great for a newborn, secure, portable, adjustable

Cons: hard to figure out, too warm, pricey, too confining as baby gets older

I bought this on a reccomendation from my friend. I loved it when my son was a newborn and wanted to be close to me at all times but it was rather warm and he would get pretty swetty so we didn't use it very often. It is defiantely not something to use in the summer. As my son got older he didn't like it as much and I found it difficult to work with as far as postioning him and me still being comfortable. I also found it difficult to use just by reading the instruction manual...I had to actually got watch Youtube videos to figure it out.

I love it!


Pros: Comfortable, versatile

Cons: Some learning curve

I love my moby wrap! Yes, it does take some time to figure out how to tie it. But once you learn, it's very versatile and allows you to carry your baby in several different ways. In terms of comfort, nothing is better! I found it much more comfortable and ultimately easier to use than the pouch sling I had when DD was very young. Pricewise, it's definitely more reasonable than the more structured carriers (like the ergo, etc.), and it's more readily available in stores now as well.

Not worth the hassle


Pros: comfy, soft

Cons: difficult to put on, very hot, too much material, overpriced for a piece of fabric

The end result is good, but everything leading up to it is not. It is too much material for a petite woman like myself and is such a pain and hassle to put on every time. i always had fabric hanging and dragging on the ground getting dirty, and all the wrapping around would make me and my lo so very hot. it is overpriced for a simply piece of fabric as there is really no sewing or anything involved in the production other than just cutting, i could have made one myself if i knew. doesnt matter anyways because i just ended up selling mine.

A bit too complicated for this new mom


Pros: soft & holds baby close

Cons: shrinks, complicated

I really wanted to love this wrap since every mom I would see with a newborn had one.  I liked that the material was soft & kept baby close.  I'm not sure if I was just too overwhelmed being a new mom, but it just did not work as smoothly as I would like.  I was going to continue to try & stick it out to see if I would get more comfortable with it, but it shrank after one washing & I couldn't use it anymore.  (I followed the washing instructions, but perhaps our dryer runs too hot).

MOST COMFORTABLE baby carrier, but too expensive. Easy to make one of your own


Pros: comfort

Cons: expensive

I own a lot of baby carriers, but this is by far the most comfortable.  You can wear your baby in a million different ways. This is great for my back and my outward facing baby.  But kind of expensive for just a long piece of material.  Really, anyone can make one of these by buying a piece of Jersey knit fabric (about 4 yards) and cutting it down the middle, and you have your home made Moby wrap for less than $10, and you have one for your friend (the other half you cut off) 

Loved the Moby Wrap!


Pros: Great for bonding, hands-free, napping is easy, great support

Cons: Hot in summer months, takes practice

I loved the Moby with DS. He always loved being in it, from day 1 (well, almost... maybe it was day 5...). I liked that the Moby offers full back & shoulder support, which allowed for long walks, long naps, chores around the house, etc.   There's a lot of fabric, which means two things: 1. It can get hot during the summer months. In fact, I usually got too hot wearing DS before my back ever started to hurt. 2. It also takes a lot of practice to get efficient at tying it & getting all the different holds down. But there are many options once you do--It's really versatile! I loved tying it on DH for him to wear DS (DH always got frustrated trying to tie it himself). ...
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Wonderful, convenient, comfortable, snuggly wrap!!


Pros: Holds baby very close, good for doing household chores, variety of holds

Cons: lots of fabric, tying it on takes a while, stretches

I purchased my moby wrap when my baby, Naomi, was two months old.  She took to it immediatly!! We started out in the cradle hold, and now(5 months old) she faces towards me.  I own an ergo as well, but the moby makes doing chores around the house (dishes, laundry etc..) a lot easier because it is not as bulky as the ergo. She usually falls asleep within 15 minutes of being in it, and then I can secure her head up by my collarbone while I do stuff around the house.  I put it on in the morning and leave it on all day so I can scoop her up anytime and put her in.  The downfalls I have experienced is that it takes a while to get fast and good at tying it...
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Moby Mama


Pros: kangaroo hold, nursing abilities, face in or out, secure, good for daddy too

Cons: too hot for warmer months, not the quickest to put on

  When I was pregnant, I read reviews on what type of carriers to purchase-I decided on a wrap because they were taught to the body and had so many options for wear. After searching for something affordable, I came across the Moby and decided to trust the reviews and awards it had and purchased it. It took me several times to get it wrapped well at first but I eventually got several different ways of wrapping down well and still use them 9mths later. When my son was a newborn, the Moby is what got us through the first few months-I was able to get around, do chores, take walks and keep him calm. If he was particularly fussy I'd just wrap him up and it'd be over. I found...
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