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Moby Wrap Original Reviews


I love this wrap!


Pros: easy to use, works well

Cons: slight learning curve

When our daughter was born premature I began searching for a way to be able to kangaroo care her as much as possible, while being able to take care of our son as well. I found the Moby while in the hospital and ordered it with express shipping. Our baby girl thrived and I was able to be free to move around and take care of our son as well. The Moby was my first venture into babywearing, and I've been hooked ever since. This carrier is comfortable and versatile. I highly recommend this product.

Great way to keep your Baby Close!


Pros: Helps you multi-task, Helps baby learn, Keeps baby close, Variety of colors, Good instructions, Easy to wash/dry

Cons: Takes a little while to learn to tie

I bought the Moby Wrap while I was pregnant and went through the instruction book to learn how to tie it.  It took a few times to get the tying down, but was really easy after that.  There are so many different positions that you can carry your baby in with this wrap!  I usually carry my son facing me, but it's nice to know that you could use it for back or hip carries if you want to.  Carrying a baby facing out is a bit controversial, and it does show babies carried in this position in the book that comes with the wrap.  I'm not sure if it's safe to carry them that way since it puts so much pressure on the crotch area (especially for baby boys) and may not be...
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Baby Wearing at Its Best!


Pros: soft, adjustable to size and position, washable, comfy, affordable, variety of designs, safe

Cons: learning curve, hard to put on when not at home, might be too hot for baby in summer

The Moby Wrap is essentially a long strip of thick knit cotton with a bit of a natural stretch, and a very soft hand (like flannel). I got it when my baby was a month and a half old, and have used it ever since, although with the cold this winter, I haven't had a chance to wear it outside. The Moby wrap is fully adjustable to the wearer's body and fits all sizes moms, dads, and caretakers. It's also available in different colors, solids, prints, and some more designer-y versions. The price is between $34 and $60 which to me is fairly affordable, especially considering its versatility: it can be used up to age 2-3, the wrapping positions can be changed to accommodate a growing baby,...
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World's Coziest Carrier


Pros: comfortable, attractive, secure, portable

Cons: have to set baby down to wrap, takes time to wrap

I was intimidated by this product when it was first introduced to me, as it seemed like too much work to get on and not worth the hassle. After trying one on, though, I realized I had misjudged the Moby Wrap! Though it takes a minute to get on and you have to set baby down while wrapping it, this wrap stays on securely and baby can be taken in and out easily for diaper changes or feedings. It's super comfortable for both mom and baby, a wonderful hands-free "cuddle" for newborns. Older babies and toddlers can also appreciate it when carried in different positions allowing for more freedom of movement. I highly recommend this for any parents of new babies!
Mum to Grace

Got lost in the fabric... :(

Added the Moby Wrap to my registry after hearing rave reviews from a friend. Used it only a handful of times. Yes, once I got DD into it, she was snug and comfy. But OMG so much fabric! For those unfamiliar, the Moby is basically one very long swathe of fabric that you oragami around yourself and baby. I personally found it much too cumbersome for our taste.

Great wrap - very versatile!


Pros: comfortable, versatile, fits any body type

Cons: somewhat complicated, gets stretched out

I purchased this wrap for several reasons:   1: I am a bigger girl, and needed a baby carrier that would be sure to fit me. The moby works for pretty much any body type, including men as well, which is a huge plus. 2: The style of the wrap (a simple, long piece of fabric) appeals to me as both something that's very natural and very convenient - easy to clean and just rolls up in a ball or bundle to go wherever I need to take it. 3: The color is totally gender neutral and can be worn by both my husband and I, carrying a boy or a girl easily.   I have been very happy with the purchase. It was a little intimidating to figure out at first (watch videos on YouTube!) but...
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So comfortable


Pros: So easy to pop the baby in and out once tied. Incredibly comfortable and beautifully soft fabric.

Cons: Bit of a pain to tie, like any wrap, and a bit warm in hot places.

I loved this wrap. My baby spent hours every day curled up in this wrap until we moved to a hotter place when she was a few months old and it was a bit too sweaty for both of us. It is so soft and stretchy and comfortable. Because of the stretch it may not be supportive enough once the baby is older and heavier, but it can't be beat for those first few months.

I honestly don't get why people like this wrap


Pros: none

Cons: totally inconvenient

I can't stand this wrap. A friend bought it for me b/c she loved hers. I thought it was nothing but a major pain in the ass. I was putting it on correctly, after trying for hours, and days to get it right. My husband took one look at it and was like, no way! Its a long piece of fabric that you fold in half the long way. It should already be folded for you out of the bag. Then you have to wrap it around your waist, and throw the fabric over your shoulders and tie it around your waist. Trying to fit my child into it was a nightmare. She was not safely snug in it. I felt it was really uncomfortable as the fabric did not stay put, the shoulder pieces were loose and it rided up my waist....
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Wraps › Stretchy Wraps › Moby Wrap Original  › Moby Wrap Original Reviews