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Monthly Craft Kit from Kiwi Crate

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Educational Toys


Pros: Fantastic quality, magical crafts, great price

Cons: It only comes once a month : )

Seriously, we love our Kiwi Crates. 


The price can seem daunting, but when you see the quality/amount of goodies you get in a box, you'll be surprised. Literally all the materials (down to the teeny glitter sequins or the children's safety scissors) are included in the box. There are 2-4 crafts per box (each has a theme, normally seasonal) and you can add on a sibling for a few extra bucks. We have made birds nests, pirate treasure chests, masks and capes for our pretend play basket..I could go on. 


It's the perfect "ask Grandma for Christmas" gift, and you can buy boxes for a year..or just one to try out. They often offer coupon codes for first timers too, to make it less expensive.


We love our Kiwi Crates : ) 


Pros: unique and exciting craft option for kids, educational


I adore the idea behind these fun filled crates! Every month someone else thinks up a couple of fun and educational crafts, packages everything my child needs to create them, and sends it all straight to my door. Talk about fun!


I was very impressed when my children and I opened the first kiwi crate and found that not only were there two crafts, but there was enough materials in each craft section for my two children to work together. Of course, we still only ended up with one completed product in the end, but both were easily able to take part in creating it. Still, if you have two kids who want to each complete the crafts from start to finish you may want to consider their sibling add-on option. They will include enough materials for two kids at a much reduced rate. 


The craft projects themselves were educational at about a preschool level, fun and easy to create, and the end product of each was something we could use and play with later.


Everything, right down to the kid safe scissors, was included in the package so I didn't end up having to run around the house searching for crafts supplies--and the instructions were very clear.


Although the suggested age range for these is 3-7, both my two-year-old (with supervision) and eight-year-old loved these crates. And, as a homeschooling mom, I appreciated the educational angle and associated educational information that came with each craft. 


Although the price seems a bit high ($19.95/month for the main subscription, $7.95/month for sibling add-on) the quality of included products, unique and well thought out crafts, and easy of use makes them a great deal.




Monthly Craft Kit from Kiwi Crate

A crate filled with materials and inspiration will arrive on your doorstep each month. Kiwi crates are designed around fun themes and are filled with all of the materials and inspiration for hands-on projects. Explore with arts & crafts, science activities, imaginative play, and more.

TitleMonthly Craft Kit from Kiwi Crate
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Toys and Education › Education › Educational Toys › Monthly Craft Kit from Kiwi Crate