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Great fitted diaper!!!

A Review On: Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper (Unbleached)

Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper (Unbleached)

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Pros: Available in organic terry, easy to use, includes doubler

Mother-ease cloth diapers are awesome!  It's so nice to have fitted diapers with snaps so you don't have to mess with snappis or pins.  My husband and I use this one for nighttime with the doubler that is included, which snaps right into it.  (We put a wool cover over it).  It's nice that you can order it in organic cotton as well.  And, Mother-ease has a great introductory offer, which is a great deal! 


This diaper really will simplify the diapering process; I wish I could order more of them!


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