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Why add snaps to a towel?

A Review On: Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper (Unbleached)

Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper (Unbleached)

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Pros: ummmmmmmm, its not a disposible?

Cons: where do I start?

We tried this for one diaper change, just one.  Then I tried to unsnap the soaking wet diaper, and buh-bye.



-quality construction

-one size




-you have to unsnap it to get the thing off.  Even when its soaking in pee and leaking poop.


-DH dislikes


If you are going to bother with covers, wraps, and rubber pants anyway, why not use a prefold?  Or, if you decide to spend the money, why not buy an AIO?


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