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A Review On: Munchkin Fire Ducky Spout Guard

Munchkin Fire Ducky Spout Guard

Rated # 3 in Bath Safety
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Pros: Protects head from banging on faucet, cheap

Cons: mold!!

This duck just slides onto the faucet to protect wiggly kiddos from banging their head on them. The hat opens up and reveals a small area with a hole in the bottom where you can add bubble bath so that it dispenses into the water as it flows. Overall I am NOT a fan. First off, the soap dispenser thing is stupid because after a use or two, I'm sure that hole would get clogged up (I didn't use that feature anyway because I want to add soap to the dirty kid, not the bathwater). Second, somehow water gets trapped in this thing and it breeds pink, brown, and black gunky mold. Eww! DD loved to play with it, so she was mad when I "retired" him, but the mold was a deal-breaker for me.


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