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My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: easy to use for FTM, offers a lot of support, no hands needed

Cons: a little expensive

I heard about this pillow at a breastfeeding class I took before having my son (first-time mom). My cousin had given me her Boppy so I just filed the info away. Fast-forward to the first time trying to nurse my son in the hospital using the Boppy. Talk about frustrating! My tiny, floppy newborn was impossible to position correctly using the smooshy Boppy. Enter My Brest Friend! This made positioning him a breeze. It is firm and even has a little bump where the baby's head should go. Love! This is now my go-to shower gift for friends who plan to nurse. It was a life-saver!

Negative Reviews


hard to wash


Pros: easy to adjust to the right level for your baby

Cons: hard to change cover and wash

I had heard that this pillow was better than the boppy and tried it for a few weeks.  I liked how I could tighten the strap to get my baby to the perfect height for nursing.  However, my baby spit up a lot and I found this pillow cover very difficult to remove to wash.   The shape of the pillow makes it awkward to get the cover on and off, and when I did remove the cover, the pillow was just exposed foam, and I realized that the spit-up had soaked through into the foam-yuck.  I was disappointed that an item for babies who are known to be messy would be so difficult to launder.   

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LOVE this pillow!


Pros: best pillow for supporting baby and my back!

Cons: makes a tad bit of noise when taking it on/off.

I love this pillow, and I am surprised b/c I THOUGHT I loved my boppy.    However, with my boppy I had to keep readjusting it and had to place a pillow behind me for support.   This pillow supports my back, is super comfortable for my baby and really helps me to keep her latched on.      Only slight complaint is that when I take it off either through velcro or snapping, it does make a bit of noise which sometimes wakes up the babe.       

couldn't have survived without it!


Pros: Saved my back

Cons: none

I loved this pillow. My husband used to even attach it around his waist and hold our son. It was amazing and made breast feeding comfortable and relaxing. It's actually one of my go-to shower gifts now. I think every mother should have one!

Great breastfeeding pillow


Pros: Straps onto body; stays in position

Cons: More expensive than Boppy

While in the hospital with a 1-day-old baby, I sent my husband to Babies R Us for a Boppy. He couldn't find a Boppy and came back with this pillow, and I'm glad. It was very helpful to us when establishing breastfeeding because it provides firm support and it buckles around your waist, so you have the option to strap on the pillow and get situated with whatever cloths, etc. you require, and then walk to wherever you intend to sit to nurse. The information says not to use it to support a baby when standing, but you can walk around with the baby on the pillow as long as you are prepared to catch the baby in the unlikely event the buckle gives out on you. The only con is it is more...
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Best breastfeeding pillow on the market!!


Pros: The pillow I can strap around me and it holds the baby up closer to my breast. No leaning or slouching

Cons: There is nothing wrong with this pillow at all!

I will never use any other pillow now that I have the breastfriend.  The pillow is so supportive and I can sit straight up in the chair or anywhere for that matter.  I can ever walk around and nurse my baby.  The pillow gives me so much needed support.
briannas auntie

great for pumping, too!


Pros: easy to use, adjustable belt clip, washable cover

Cons: expensive

This pillow is wonderful!  I bought it for an arm rest while I was pumping, so my arms and hands wouldn't cramp up constantly. Because of being on Domperidone for stomach motility, I have produced breastmilk and have to pump once a day to avoid mastitis and severe breast pain.  The pillow has a flat surface, a cushioned back part and an adjustable buckle (which is wonderful for overweight ladies).  I also liked that the cover was washable and easy to put back on the pillow. The only con is the price.  It would be nice if the Breast Friend pillow was a little bit less expensive. Despite this, I would recommend this to any breastfeeding lady.

My Brest Friend it is!


Pros: Good Flat support for baby

I always recommend My Brest Friend support pillow over the Boppy. The flat plane allows the baby to feel supported and secure and the thickness allows the right height and angle to latch.

Love it


Pros: perfect support for nursing

Using this pillow was the only way that I could get my sweet girl to latch on correctly. I loved it...
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