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Natural Toy Best Pick--Natural Pod Four Elements Stacking and Nesting Toys

Melanie Mayo
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This product was chosen to be featured in Mothering's 2011 Natural Toy Guide; a selection of our best picks for holiday toys and children's gifts.

Where to buy: Natural Pod
Manufacturer: Natural Pod
Price: $135.00 (CAD)
Made of: Untreated Canadian hardwood, non toxic dyes
Other details: Approximately 7" each

Why we love it: This great set includes all four of the element stackers from Natural Pod. You can also get them individually. My first thought when I saw these was that they were gorgeous to look at, but I wondered how much they would be played with. Boy was I surprised--these toys are more fun that just about any other item we have. Individually they are cool, but when combined together they are a blast. The kids and I have had hours and hours of fun building unique creations with these crazy shapes, using them as doll towns, driving cars over and through them and so much more. Will entertain many ages. 

The information shared here is an honest statement based on my experience with a product provided for free for the purpose of review.


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