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soft, cute, and in my experience machine washable... a winner

A Review On: North American Bear Company Rosy Cheeks Baby Tan

North American Bear Company Rosy Cheeks Baby Tan

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Pros: soft, easy to clean, light weight, relatively neutral face, semi anatomically correct

Cons: trouble finding nice clothes that fit her

I bought this doll for my daughter as my mother insisted that she needed a baby doll-- I had bought her a Haba doll but that one is little girl not a baby. 


She is soft and cute.  My daughter plays with her all the time, she is cuddly unlike the Haba doll so sometimes she sleeps with her.  The doll is super soft but fuzzy which is a bit weird if you think about it but doesn't bother my daughter at all.


I cut off the hospital tag since my daughter had no idea what that was and it was scratchy. I cut off her hat so she could take it on and off, it falls off alot so I bought her a preemie carter's hat which stays on perfectly.  BUt that brings me to her clothes the baby doesn't come with anything other than a diaper shirt and hat.  I wanted pants for her and they have been really difficult to find.  The Rosy Cheeks big sister clothes don't fit. The Rody cheeks baby clothes are few and far between and mostly summer things, the HABA clothes are too small because those dolls are bit thinner and I don't really like the Baby Stella clothes.  I bought her a pair of pants for an 18 inch and hemmed them and problem solved. BUT its annoying I can't easily buy her a pajama  or change of clothes to give my daughter for the holidays or her birthday.  The nice thing about HABA is they have a lot of options I bought that doll some winter clothes (she came in a sun dress) and it was a huge hit with my little one. 


ONE MORE THING: She is not tan at all-- I can't imagine what the white brunette looks like. So if you are looking for a doll that might read as hispanic or black--this is not the one for you.  We are hispanic but light skinned so it was not a problem as far as wanting a doll that looks like my daughter--although I would have preferred she had a darker doll so that her dolls look more like real life--ie. some variety we already have the white looking haba doll---  I cannot believe they sell her as the "tan" doll, I mean she is not paper white, but then neither are human beings.  I think an Irish red head might even be about the skin color of this doll.  


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