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Nova Natural--Big Top

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #149 in Toys


Pros: Unique, fun, quality

This product was chosen to be featured in Mothering's 2012 Natural Toy Guide; a selection of our best picks for holiday toys and children's gifts.

Where to buy: Nova Natural
Manufacturer: Nova Natural
Price: $24.00

Made of: Wood
Made in: Australia

Why we love it: This is a unique twist on the classic spinning top toy. The substantial wooden top seems to spin forever. Kids will have a great time trying it out on different surfaces, and even lifting it mid-spin, while the high-quality, simple construction ensures it will endure many years of play. Consider this an ideal pick for a stocking stuffer that will entertain and delight.


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Nova Natural--Big Top

Get this new top spinning by pulling the string and releasing the handle. This top has enough weight and therefore momentum, that kids can actually pick it up, put it on their palm, and it will still be spinning!

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Toys and Education › Toys › Nova Natural--Big Top