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Nurture III Basic Double Electric Breast Pump

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #10 in Breast Pumps


Pros: small, user-controlled

Cons: loud, cumbersome, doesn't take batteries

This was the first electric breastpump I had when I got put on Domperidone for gastroparesis and started producing breastmilk, even though I had never been pregnant before (one of the common side effects of this medicine).  I kept getting breast infections, so my gyno suggested that I use a breast pump once a day to pump a little off to relieve discomfort and reduce the risk of more breast infections.  

I bought the Nurture III electric pump, because of the many positive reviews and that it was less expensive than the other "premium" electric pumps on the market.  This pump also has a 5 year warranty.


I did like that the pump was small and that I could control the suction and cycle for the pump, so it wouldn't be as uncomfortable to pump once a day.  This pump is about the size of a small aquarium pump.  It doesn't take batteries, so you have to have a electrical outlet in order to use it.  This might be a downside for some moms at work or when camping and have no electrical outlet nearby.  I didn't care for this pump for traveling for that reason. 

I will warn you, this pump is LOUD!  Its more loud than most of the electric pumps on the market, despite that it works way better than the ones you find at Wal-Mart or Target.  I was taken aback by how loud the pump was, but I got used to it.  The pump does have a lot of parts, including filters, tubing, and other pieces that are required in order for the pump to work.  If one of these parts is missing off of one of the bottle setups, the pump won't work properly.  All the tubing and pieces needed for the pump make it a bit cumbersome to use when in a hurry.

The Nurture III pump does allow single or double pumping, and like i mentioned above, you control the suction/cycle rate on the pump.  I liked this feature a lot.  There is a hole at the top of one of the bottle setups that you put your finger on and off of to get a rhythm going for pumping.  It takes some practice, but after a week, its very easy to do.   It cycle just as often as a Medela electric pump, according to the manufacturer.  One other thing I liked is that this pump was compatible with the Pumpin' Pal hands free holder and breastshields, so pumping was more comfortable.


I used this pump for several years before I decided to just use a manual breastpump once a day.  The pump was just too cumbersome with all the parts, was electric only, and the carrying case that came with the pump was just too big for traveling.  Though this pump was wonderful in terms of suction/cycling and it was a reasonable price, I prefered my Ameda manual pump more. 


Pros: Lots of control, small, portable, car charger available, adjustable suction

Cons: Have to control suction with your thumb, need to replace filters often

I love this pump. I used a hospital grade pump when my son was in the nicu and this pump really was made just for mamas like me. It is not the put on the pump and sit while you type awesome reviews on great websites kind of pump. My milk was hard to coerce out and this pump gave me the control I needed to do it as efficiently as I could.


You have to control the suction with your thumb. Literally. there is a hole at the top of one of the bottles and you use your thumb to control how long the suction occurs for. I never in a million years thought I would get to know my boobs so good.


Though it is really hands on it was the fastest I could pump both sides. Better then the other two pumps I tried with less discomfort. In fact near the end I could totally pump one boob in about 4 minutes with massaging and controlling suction. Sure I could do both at the same time but some times the baby had already nursed one side and sometimes it was just easier to do one boob at a time and sometimes doing both sides was great to.


Over all it is versatile, small and has minimal parts.


Plus if you are low income and buy directly from their site you get $50 off. Which makes it very affordable.


So if you are an hands on take control kind of mama this is the pump for you. Plus the car charger option is great for working mama, traveling mamas and so on.


Now if you have bigger boobs you have to get both sizes of flanges. Then push the big one into the smaller one. That was a little lame. But worth the trouble.

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Nurture III Basic Double Electric Breast Pump

The Basic Nurture III Double Electric Breast Pump by Bailey Medical Engineering comes with everything you need to get started double or single pumping. The Nurture III is a small, quiet, efficient, electric breast pump, with fully adjustable suction and manual cycling so you can imitate your baby's variable nursing patterns. Many women prefer manual cycling because it gives them more control of the pumping process. You can change the cycle time as you are pumping to mimic the way your baby nurses and maximize your pumping efficiency. To create suction and cycle the Nurture III, you cover and uncover a vent on one of the collection bottles with your finger or thumb. It's a very small, easy motion you do on one side, even when you're double pumping. The Nurture III reaches 220 mm Hg (the natural suction level of babies) in 2-3 seconds, allowing you to cycle it 20-30+ times per minute and enabling you to express both breasts in 10-20 minutes. The compact and easily portable Nurture III is durable and reliable enough for many years of frequent use. The pump is UL Listed and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The bottles, flanges, stands, caps and tubing are BPA-free and DEHP-free. The instruction manual and instructional DVD are easy to understand in both English and Spanish. Includes: Nurture III Pump Motor, a Basic Double Collection Kit, and our instructional DVD (not pictured).

BindingBaby Product
FeaturePerfect for the mom returning full-time to school or work, Durable motor comes with a 5 year warranty, Nurture iii breast pump parts are BPA-free and dehp-free, Made in the USA and FDA approved for multiple users (each new user needs her own double collection kit)
LabelNurture III
ManufacturerNurture III
PublisherNurture III
StudioNurture III
TitleNurture III Basic Double Electric Breast Pump
BrandNurture III
ProductGroupBaby Product
UPCList - UPCListElement634615003103
Item Height6.5 inches
Item Width6.25 inches
Package Height4.8 inches
Package Length8.8 inches
Package Weight2.3 pounds
Package Width6.1 inches
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Item Length10.5 inches
ManufacturerMaximumAge11 months
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