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A Review On: Nurture III Basic Double Electric Breast Pump

Nurture III Basic Double Electric Breast Pump

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Pros: Lots of control, small, portable, car charger available, adjustable suction

Cons: Have to control suction with your thumb, need to replace filters often

I love this pump. I used a hospital grade pump when my son was in the nicu and this pump really was made just for mamas like me. It is not the put on the pump and sit while you type awesome reviews on great websites kind of pump. My milk was hard to coerce out and this pump gave me the control I needed to do it as efficiently as I could.


You have to control the suction with your thumb. Literally. there is a hole at the top of one of the bottles and you use your thumb to control how long the suction occurs for. I never in a million years thought I would get to know my boobs so good.


Though it is really hands on it was the fastest I could pump both sides. Better then the other two pumps I tried with less discomfort. In fact near the end I could totally pump one boob in about 4 minutes with massaging and controlling suction. Sure I could do both at the same time but some times the baby had already nursed one side and sometimes it was just easier to do one boob at a time and sometimes doing both sides was great to.


Over all it is versatile, small and has minimal parts.


Plus if you are low income and buy directly from their site you get $50 off. Which makes it very affordable.


So if you are an hands on take control kind of mama this is the pump for you. Plus the car charger option is great for working mama, traveling mamas and so on.


Now if you have bigger boobs you have to get both sizes of flanges. Then push the big one into the smaller one. That was a little lame. But worth the trouble.


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