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A Review On: Nurture My Body Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Fragrance Free

Nurture My Body Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Fragrance Free

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Pros: Gentle, Lasts Awhile, Friendly Customer Service, Well Packaged

Cons: Expensive

At four weeks old and only a bath a werk, my baby girl was drying out, getting cradle cap, and her skin was breaking my heart. I knew I wanted to ditch the SLS gunk, and after considerable research (reading reviews for every organic baby wash out there) gambled on Nurture My Body. Their branding (weird logo, lots of goofy pictures of the founders) didn't instill confidence, but their sincerity comes through. There were timely updates on packaging and shipping, the body wash was nicely packaged with a note and they included a travel cap that has come in very handy.

At $25 for 8.5 oz, it doesn't come cheap - but 6 months later I still have 1/3 of the bottle left! (and I suspect my sister in law was "borrowing" it during her recent stay smile.gif) For baby's bath I generally use a pea size amount for her arms and torso, another dab for her lower half and a third for her hair and neck. It definitely goes the distance, I probably use more than is strictly necessary! Even without SLS it lathers nicely, and I recommend just using your fingertips per the package instructions (maybe a little washcloth for behind the ears!). Best of all, it rinses clean even in our hard water.

We haven't had any drying issues since making the switch to Nurture My Body, and Baby is rash-free. Yay!


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