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Original Maya Wrap Sling Not Padded


Pros: pretty

Cons: uncomfortable!

I thought I would love this sling, but really haven't used it much.  I find it makes my back and shoulder ache.  The ring digs into me.  My baby doesn't like it as much as a wrap or soft-structured carrier.  It just hasn't been our preferred baby-wearing style, which is too bad because it is SO pretty!  


Pros: Easy to put on and use

Cons: Hard to wear for super long periods of time

We absolutely love our Maya Wrap Sling! We have had the sling for a little over 7 months and love it for on the go. I keep it right next to his car seat and I am able to slide it on and put him in the sling in less than 2 minutes. I like that he was able to be in it from birth until now and still loves it because of the many different positions that he can be put in the sling.  I love it for on the go because after trying several different carriers this one was the best for the run into the grocery store, etc because of ease of use and the ease of getting it on quickly.

The only downside of the sling is that if you wear them for an extended period of time more than an hour and a half or two hours (once they are older) your shoulder starts to hurt so you have to switch shoulders. This is my go to carrier for quick shopping or outings, but if I am wearing him for a while then I will choose another carrier. This is a great carrier to have in your baby wearing arsenal though.


Pros: Perfect from birth on

Cons: My little one is in a middle stage where I wish I had an actual carrier. She still likes naps in the Maya, but when she's awake she wants to be uprigh

The only "Con" My little one is in a middle stage where I wish I had an actual carrier. She still likes naps in the Maya, but when she's awake she wants to be upright. While this is possible in a Maya it's a little easier for a typical baby, mine is behind developmentally due to heart problems and I think a traditional carrier would better suit us for the moment. 


Pros: easy to store, comfortable, nice fabric choices, multiple options for positioning

Cons: Takes some getting used to, folding wrap seemed complicated, must be line dried

I purchased this wrap for the newborn period when I was pregnant with my daughter. We purchased the black and white pattern, which matched well with most outfits. It took some getting used to when it came to folding this wrap. I watched the included video a few times, and eventually got the folds and positions down. Once I had it figured out, the folding and positioning were pretty easy to do by myself. Our little one loved being in the sling, and would happy sleep the day away next to mom or dad. The only downsides were the time it took to get used to the wrap and how to use it, as well as the fact that the wrap must be air dried. It can take a day or two to fully dry if it isn't hot out. I would recommend this wrap/sling to other parents, especially those that need something that isn't bulky.


Pros: portable, comfortable, different positions

Cons: none

This was given to me as a gift when I was pregnant.  I had no intention of really using it - after all, I'd bought the Ergo Carrier and intended to use that.  However, one month in, my daughter started to hate the Ergo.  She didn't like having to face in without being able to see well over the sides and I'd end up out and about trying to carry her in my arms and the Ergo and the diaper bag.  After a few times of this, I decided to give the wrap sling a try...


It was great from day one (although it took a bit to get used to doing on my own) and I use it pretty much every day.  Haven't used the Ergo since switching over!  The biggest pros are: 1) that you can carry it everywhere and it doesn't take up much space so if we go to the park, I can take her out of it, put it away and not be lugging something big around; 2) it's very comfortable for my daughter - the seat area is like a seat and she doesn't have to have her legs spread too wide (i.e., wrapped around my waist); and 3) there are many different positions you can put your child instead of the 1 or 2 that the other carriers allow. 


It really is the best baby item we've got!


Pros: good color

Cons: shoulder cap doesn't work well, material slips loose

I have tried the newer Maya Wraps and they work wonderfully.  This original one doesn't work as great.  The material slips loose in the rings and the "shoulder cap" does not perform well.  Get the newer ones, this one isn't as good.  


Pros: fairly easy to adjust, easy to get baby in and out of, easy to clean

Cons: the old shoulder style

A ring sling is a new parenting must have. They are great for newborns and can be used into toddlerhood, depending upon your child's weight. Maya Wrap ring slings are among the best. You know you are purchasing something that is durable, safe, and with a decent resale value. The only problem I have with my older Maya is the old shoulder style. They are much harder to adjust. I recommend looking up directions to redo the shoulder pleats. Sleeping Baby Productions has a great tutorial for doing it yourself, or you can commission her to do it.

Original Maya Wrap Sling Not Padded

Versatile-Your baby or toddler can be carried in front, hip, back, reclining, nursing, and kangaroo carry positions. The Maya Wrap Sling can be used as a lightweight blanket, shopping cart safety strap, or as a "leash" while your toddler explores. Each Maya Wrap Sling has a handy pocket in the tail for carrying an extra diaper or wipes. Great for both Mom and Dad-The tail of the sling is long enough to allow large people to wear it, while lack of padding allows it to be tightened enough for smaller people. Adustable- Each edge of the Maya Wrap Sling can be adjusted independently, allowing a perfect custom fit. Perfect for Nursing-Mom can drape the tail over her shoulder for complete coverage. Safe- The fabric and rings have been tested and can withstand in excess of 100 lbs. (35 lbs. is recommended carry weight limit) Long Lasting- The Maya Wrap Baby Sling can be used while your child grows from infant to toddler (35 lbs.).

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FeatureInstructional DVD Included
LabelMaya Wrap
List Price$59.95
ManufacturerMaya Wrap
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PublisherMaya Wrap
StudioMaya Wrap
TitleOriginal Maya Wrap Sling (Not Padded)-Bright Stripes
Weight1 pounds
BrandMaya Wrap
MPNMaya Wrap #37
ColorBright Stripe
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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