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OsoCozy Organic AIOs (v. 2.0) are our go-to super trim ECing diapers

A Review On: OsoCozy Organic AIO v. 2.0

OsoCozy Organic AIO v. 2.0

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Pros: Perfect for EC, very trim fit

Cons: Could be more absorbent

These diapers are organic and WAHM-made, so I was excited to try them out.


We had version 1.0 until my son outgrew them, and they were fine diapers.  I have to say, however, that the new 2.0s are much improved.


The 2.0s added elastic to the back, which improved the fit for us quite a bit (no more plumber's crack!).  In addition, they streamlined the aplix closure on the front to add more size versatility so that the two aplix bands can cross over each other (aplix on both sides of the fabric).  The shape of the aplix bands is new and improved, too--no more curling back/folding up, as with the old design.


These are our trimmest-fitting diaper, which allows us lots more clothing options for our chunk baby.  They're easy on, easy off, which makes them perfect for ECing.  They are more absorbent than they look, and I'm glad the inner is made of organic birdseye cotton (be sure to select this option when purchasing as it is not the default) as opposed to the usual moisture-wicking synthetic materials in most AIOs.  There is no pocket for stuffing, but I've had no problem simply laying a doubler right inside. 


As a side note, don't be alarmed if they look  huge when they arrive in the mail; they shrink up quite a bit in the first wash.  And be sure to have the aplix folded down for laundering or drying time will be longer as the diapers fold in on themselves and get stuck on each other.  (Being so trim, they generally have a quick drying time.)


We love these diapers!  If you want the old 1.0s, however, they are on sale for $8.95 at clothdiaper.com (as of this writing on 11/11/10).


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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › OsoCozy Organic AIO v. 2.0 › Reviews › To-Fu's Review