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Parenting For a Peaceful World by Robin Grille


Pros: Well researched

Cons: could have more ideas & anecdotes about parenting today

This is an amazing book.  Quite shocking.  I read it with the idea that it was a political document, as it had been cited in a few public consultation places for parenting etc. 


I was shocked at the historical overview of parenting.  Made me see that the few moments of loosing my temper and shouting at my kids are nothing compared to the widespread abuse of children that went on in the distant and not so distant past.


I've never made the connection between child rearing practices and politics/ state of the nation, and of course it makes perfect sense.  Raising children in a way that embeds empathy, compassion and love into their environment will mean they will follow, make decisions and live lives that have those qualities in them.  Adults who were raised with compassion as children will not want to go to war.  Adults who were raised with empathy as children will look for ways to understand and communicate when disputes happen.  Adults who were raised with love will be loving, to themselves, their community, their environment.  Duh !  


If governments spend just a fraction of their military budgets on supporting parents, giving parents help and guidance, time off from work (to see it is work to raise children in loving ways) educating the families to prevent abuse, violence and other crimes against kids.. so those kids grow up with a loving heart...wow that would be a powerful way to create world peace...


Robin Grille is a very convincing author and if you feel your parenting job is not just for your own happy family but also a job for world then you will be inspired by what he writes.

Parenting For a Peaceful World by Robin Grille

Parenting for a Peaceful World is a fascinating look at how child-rearing customs have shaped societies and major world events. It reveals how children adapt to and are influenced by different parenting styles and how safeguarding their emotional development is the key to creating a more peaceful, harmonious and sustainable world. Practical advice for raising a well-adjusted child includes tips on: supporting your child's developing emotional intelligence understanding how your childhood has influenced your own emotional make-up helping you achieve your full parenting potential Parenting for a Peaceful World is for parents, child health professionals, teachers, and for adults seeking to heal and grow. About the Contributor(s) Robin Grille is a psychologist and psychotherapist with over twenty years experience working with individuals, couples and families. He is also a passionate public speaker, parenting educator and group facilitator with an international following. A prolific writer on child development, parenting issues and family relationships, Robin‘s work has been published in Australia, the US, Canada, South Africa and Israel.

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Books, Music and Media › Parenting Books › Parenting For a Peaceful World by Robin Grille