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Parenting With The Power Of Respect

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Parenting With The Power Of Respect

This book provides the clearly defined, unshakable foundation needed by every positive parenting approach, and every parent who uses them.This landmark book offers a simple, yet powerful, failsafe approach to ending the problems, troubles and struggles that commonly develop between adults and children.This book explains the root cause of these troubles and then provides the solution. Get rid of the root cause and all of those problems vanish.Most of the book is filled with examples of the solution at work in many of the common areas of struggle. These examples make it so easy to put this harmonizing system in place in your life.Then you can say what others have said:"I started to read it and couldn't put it down.""It's my bible.""My children are so nice now.""I wish I had this book when I was raising my children.""It's every parent's dream come true."You'll even agree with Dr. Thomas Gordon, author of P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) among other books when he read the original version of this ebook, Parenting for the New Millennium:"An easy-to-understand book that gives a bundle of ideas and communication skills for building families that function peacefully and foster the kind of kids every parent wants." Table of ContentsChapter One – The Power of Respect: The Cooperative Solution(The Solution that dissolves the root cause, ends conflict, and creates a failsafe parenting foundation of mutual respect)Chapter Two – Raising a Citizen for Democracy (children's rights? ending the double standard; language of respect)Chapter Three – The Model Parent (what kind of model are you? what kind of model do you want to be? here's how you can get there)Chapter Four – Trusting Children ( hard when we have been conditioned not to, but it is so worth it!)Chapter Five – Watching It Work (filled with examples)Chapter Six – Along Comes Baby (filled with examples)Chapter Seven – Transitional Twos: The Age of Willpower (Powerful, Unique information! a MUST READ for anyone dealing with 2-year-olds! filled with examples)Chapter Eight – Transformed Teens (making it smooth and enjoyable for everyone; filled with examples)Chapter Nine – The LegacyChapter Ten – Questions & Answers: When Parents Have ProblemsChapter Eleven – No Guilt and the Practice of Self-RespectChapter Twelve – Silent Slavery (explore the root cause of the problems, troubles and struggles that develop between kids and adults)Chapter Thirteen – Social Ills (explore how the root cause effects us all)Chapter Fourteen – Born Into Bondage (stories of the daily, commin pain and suffering caused by the root cause)Enjoy and Thrive!

AuthorKaren Ryce
BindingKindle Edition
List Price$99.99
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Product Type NameABIS_EBOOKS
Publication Date2010-03-30
TitleParenting With The Power Of Respect
FormatKindle eBook
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Books, Music and Media › Parenting Books › Parenting With The Power Of Respect