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A Review On: Peanut Shell Nursing Cover, Red Yoko

Peanut Shell Nursing Cover, Red Yoko

Rated # 3 in Nursing Covers
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Pros: boning for easy visibility; matching burp cloth; good size for coverage; adjustable neck strap

Cons: none

My mom gave me the Peanut Shell Nursing Cover a month after giving birth and I used it for the entire time I breastfed. My son had latching issues which made breastfeeding painful for several weeks. If it weren't for this nursing cover, I probably would have never left the house. The boning allowed me to see if my son was latching on correctly and I could then re-latch if he wasn't. While out in public, I was able to breastfeed modestly or just minimize stimulation while putting my son to sleep while holding him. This cover was a staple in the diaper bag and it went everywhere we went.


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