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Philips AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump, White Reviews

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Works well, but only with the IQ valve


Pros: special massage padding helps get more milk

Cons: star-shaped flat valve gets sucked through every time, lots of parts to assemble

I get a lot more milk using this pump than either of the electric pumps (both Medela) I tried. I'm not sure if it's their special 'let down cushion' on the cup, or just that I can get more using a hand pump. So I love that about it. However, if you use this pump make sure it comes with the 'IQ valve', which looks like a plug, and NOT the flat, disc-shaped valve with an asterisk on it. That one gets sucked through each and every time, multiple times. It falls into the milk and has to be fished out with a finger after disassembling the whole pump. I called Philips customer service and they sent me the IQ valve, so make sure you get this one, otherwise this pump is really annoying to use....
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Great manual pump


Pros: LOVE the silicone part that sits against the breast-helps promote let down

Cons: valve is small and hard to keep track of when washing, lots of parts

I love this manual pump.  The only downside is that it has a lot of small parts so you really have to be careful when hand washing otherwise you may lose a valve or something.  I have had a few times I had to take it apart because I had issues getting suction to work but I've used this for 5 years between two kids with just a short time off between them and I really love this pump.  I haven't even had to replace any valves or anything unlike my electric Ameda Purely Yours which has valves that wear out after a while.

love it!


Pros: go anywhere, pump anywhere

Cons: takes longer

I loved my manual pump and still use it on car trips and such. It takes longer for me to pump with it than the electric but im a sahm so it doesnt really matter!

Comfortable to use


Pros: ease of use, dishwasher safe, no need for electricity, use anywhere, inexpensive

Cons: can only pump one side at a time, not hands free

I never could get comfortable using an electric pump- so this pump was essential to my nursing success.  I found I was able to pump more milk, more quickly and comfortably than with an electric pump.  As some others have mentioned, the IQ valve makes it work significantly better, but I think that comes standard now.  It's quiet, quick and easy to clean, and easy to get replacement parts if something gets lost or damaged.  All the parts are able to be completely sterilized, so you can pass it along to a friend or re-sell it when you don't need it any more.  It's also MUCH less expensive than other pumps, so it can be a good place to start with pumping if you're...
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Great for occasional use


Pros: Cheap, stimulates good let-down, easy to clean

Cons: Hand gets tired

I'm SAHM so I didn't need a really great / electric pump, just something to get a few ounces now and then for if my husband and I wanted to go out by ourselves for a few hours.  I really like this pump.  It was really cheap, like 20 bucks.  It's easy to put together and take apart for cleaning.  I haven't had any trouble with the "asterisk-shaped" flat valve.  It is a manual pump so yeah, after a while your hand gets tired, but it's great for using just every once in a while.  It's pretty comfortable and I get good let-down from it.

My go-to pump everytime


Pros: Ease of use, comfortable, smaller to carry for work, able to pump more over a shorter period of time.

Cons: Several of little pieces for cleaning & assembly

I love my ISIS manual breast pump, it is hands down in my opinion an easier to use pump for any mother who is pumping for their little one.  It is easier to take to work and store as it often fit easily into my work bag with several bottles, instead of forcing me to carry my electric pump day in and day out.  A previous poster noted difficulties with the flat disk valve and I have never had any of the troubles of the valve popping out while pumping, except if I had too much pressure built up while pumping.  This often causes the valves to pop, but can be easily avoided by taking breaks and releasing the seal between the breast and the pump.   The pump came with additional parts for...
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Breastfeeding › Breast Pumps › Philips AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump, White › Philips AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump, White Reviews