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PumpEase Organic Hands Free Pumping Support for Nursing Mothers (Medium)


Pros: beautiful, ethical, committed

Cons: none

There are lots of great products for breastfeeding mothers on the market; the pumpease bra not only gets rave reviews from mothers but it is made by a company that truly cares about helping moms beat the booby traps and achieve their personal breastfeeding goals, devoting time, energy and resources to supporting the breastfeeding cause.   A great pumping bra is indispensible, a great, ethical, committed, generous company that makes it is priceless.  


Pros: Easy, Pretty, so Useful

I really don't know what I would have done with out this product.....actually have to hold the pumps on my breasts for hours on end I guess!!!  With this product, I could just put it on and forget about pumping.......I'm pretty sure being so relaxed and unstressed let me produce more milk to boot.  I could pump and read, play cards with my husband, surf the net with both hands, hug my baby, put on Barbie clothes, talk on the phone.  I really don't know what I would have done if I had to hold the horns the entire time!  BORING!!!  I would have been forced to spend that time just vegging infront of the TV.  I'm so happy I had this product, this way I had plenty of milk, no need for formula.  LOVE IT!!!  And so many pretty colors to choose from as well, the organic one is sooooo soft.


Pros: Ease of use, able to continue to work while pumping , very stylish designs :)

Cons: none

Absolutly LOVE this product.  I was very worried that working Full Time I was not going to be able to nurse as long as I did.  I was stressing at work trying to fit in time to pump and was often doing one side at a time which was taking forever.  I started researching on line ways to make pumping at work easier and found the PumpEase.  After getting one I was able to pump in less time and I was able to work while pumping.  Not sure how many people want to hear that they were talking to me on the phone while I was pumping but Oh well.  I was able to continue to nurse, provide mama's milk while I was at work  and allow her to wean herself.  At 20 months she was too busy to nurse and was eating everything we were.  We never had to buy formula or baby food!  joy.gif


Pros: great fit, comfortable, stylish

Cons: had to buy a smaller size when I lost weight :)

I am completely in love with PumpEase. At first I was nervous about spending money on a hands-free pumping support, but I had read other reviews and everyone spoke really highly of it.


They were right. I had to undergo two breast surgeries after my son was born, which meant we couldn't do the traditional nursing thing. Instead, I exclusively pumped. Without my PumpEase, I don't think I could have made it a full year.


I've tried other hands-free supports, and PumpEase is by far the best. It holds everything in place no matter what you're doing while pumping (trust me, I've tried a few things like pumping while working out, while mowing the lawn, etc...)



The fabric quality is fantastic and it's definitely worth the investment.


Pros: Hands free, easy to forget you're wearing it

Cons: Organic doesn't bounce back quite as tightly

The pumpease is a FANTASTIC pumping bra. (using it right now in fact) - I own 2, a regular and an organic. The regular is my favorite. If you get the organic and you are close to being between sizes, go smaller as the cotton tends to stretch a little and not bounce back as snugly.

Otherwise, it's so comfortable, i frequently forget that I am pumping - makes it much easier to pump through out the day and still accomplish other tasks. Definitely worth the investment!!


Pros: easy to wash, easy to wear, easy to use

Cons: NONE

I LOVE my Pumpease. It makes pumping actually enjoyable. I hated pumping before I got my Pumpease. I use it every time I pump. I can read, text, surf the web, type all while pumping. It's FANTASTIC. I think it's a must have for every nursing/pumping mama.


Pros: Soft, comfortable, organic, easy to use, works AMAZINGLY

I breastfed my first child for 15 months, pumped for 12; I breastfed my 2nd child for 2.5years, and pumped for 13 months, I wish I would have known about Pump Ease back then.  The freedom you feel when you're wearing a Pump Ease is indescribable; to actually be able to do something other than hold the pump/horns and maybe text/type with one hand...those days are way over.  I have COMPLETE use of my arms and hands!!  It is a MUST have for every Mama who is breastfeeding and pumping!!  Do your friends a favor and buy them a Pump Ease as a baby shower gift...they WILL thank you.  I've already purchased 2 for 2 friends that are breastfeeding and pumping!  And the Pump Ease Organic is sooo soft, and it’s nice to know it was made out of fibers that were grown without the use of toxins and pesticides, ESPECIALLY since my little one has his mouth where the Pump Ease was, just an added piece of mind!

PumpEase Organic Hands Free Pumping Support for Nursing Mothers (Medium)

The PumpEase OrganicTM, like the original hands-free pumping bra, is available in 4 sizes to fit moms from 32AA to 48H and is guaranteed to work with any breast pump on the market. It is made of the MOST beautiful custom-milled, unbleached and un-dyed (90% certified organic cotton and 10% spandex jersey knit). Hands-free Pumping Designed by Mother NatureTM PumpEase Organic is the world's ONLY organic hands-free pumping bra. Designed from a beautiful, unbleached and undyed knit fabric that was custom milled just for us from 90% certified organic cotton and 10% spandex, it has a wonderfully soft hand, making it a dream to wear! Like our original hands-free pumping bra, PumpEase Organic feature patent pending, 'no-stitch' horn openings, guaranteed to accommodate any breast pump on the market. Choose PumpEase if you're wearing a maternity or nursing bra sized from 32AA to 48H. PumpEase Organic is as easy on the environment as breastfeeding is!TM About Organic Cotton A conventional cotton crop uses more chemicals from start to finish that any other crop. An organic cotton crop does away with genetically modified plants and harsh pesticides, providing consumers with an eco-friendly, healthy option. Like regular cotton, organic cotton is durable, breathable, absorbs moisture, and retains all of the qualities of regular cotton, without compromising human health. About Our Packaging PumpEase Organic packaging is manufactured from a recycled paperboard that contains a minimum of 35 percent post consumer content. The inks to print the packaging are vegetable or seed based (soy or linseed) and both the protective coating for the box and the glue to put it together are both water-based which are very safe and environmentally-friendly. Our packaging manufacturer has been using these raw materials for over 15 years. We are proud to be working with such a forward-thinking and environmentally aware company!

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