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Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory Wipes 24 Pack

50% Positive Reviews


Pros: Quick

Cons: Not Needed

I simply don't feel these are that necessary. Sterilizing with a steam bag is faster if you are near a microwave and I just feel like it gets the parts cleaner! However, these are slightly useful when I pump during a birth (birth doula/birth photographer here).


Cons: Waste

They should tell you that you can store your pump parts in the fridge for between pump sessions for up to 8 hours or even out of the fridge for up to 5 hours without washing at all.  If you're paranoid about that, just a quick rinsing between sessions at work and then wash and sanitize at home every night. 


Pros: ease of use

Cons: expensive

I purchased these for traveling because the idea of washing my pump in a hotel sink really grossed me out.  They worked well and were worth the peace of mind they gave me!


Pros: Easy

Cons: unknown chemicals

As a mom headed back to work full time, I received these as a shower gift.  I just want to type up for you what it says on the packets:

"Wipe surface with towelette.  Intended for use after pumping.  If used immediately before pumping, rinse with water after wiping or allow 10 minutes to dry."

Though labeled as "unscented.  Alcohol and bleach free." these still make me pause.  If they're ok for use on a pump, why the warning to wait?  And will whatever is bad in them really completely evaporate in 10 minutes??


I have used them in a pinch from time to time and my experience is this-- they're no better than water and a tissue.  They don't do a very good job of removing dried-on milk and they sort of just push things around.  Whenever I can I use just water and then wipe down.  When I can't, I sometimes use these... but usually I'll just wait and wash later.


Pros: Easy to use, quick clean

Cons: Not all that eco-friendly

I don't have to pump all that often, but when I do, the biggest drawback is needing to wash the pump parts each time. This is especially an issue when I'm pumping because I'm away from home (i.e., out of town or an overnight without the baby). These breastpump wipes are a great solution! They can be used to wipe down all of the components quickly and easily. The parts don't have to be rinsed if they're left to dry, but can also be rinsed and used again immediately. My only complaint is the price (about 50¢/wipe) and that, of course, they're not entirely eco-friendly. But, it takes a lot of water to wash the pump, too, so it's probably a "wash," as it were! All in all, very handy and a great product.


Pros: Great for cleaning on the go

Cons: disposable, not as good as soap/water

I buy these things all the time! I WOH full-time, and these wipes are great for freshening up pump parts anywhere: I've used them in the office, in the car, etc. They air-dry quickly and your pump is ready to go for the next round. They obviously can't get into some of the smaller parts of the pump, so it's not as good as soap and water and shouldn't be the only way you clean your pump parts. But for some situations, they're great! The individually-wrapped ones are best for traveling, but these have less packaging and the sticker on the top reseals better than most similar dispensers.
Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory Wipes 24 Pack

Hygienic wipes are proven safe and effective for cleaning breastpumps, kits and more. Unique wipes allow easy & convenient cleaning without soap & water. Use anywhere - ideal for in the car, at work, travel and more. Unscented, alcohol and bleach free.Efficient - just one wipe cleans both breastshields, valves & membranes.Also great for changing tables, high chairs, cribs, countertops, toys and other hard surfaces. 24 per pack.

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Breastfeeding › Breast Pump Accessories › Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory Wipes 24 Pack