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A Review On: Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory Wipes 24 Pack

Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory Wipes 24 Pack

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Pros: Great for cleaning on the go

Cons: disposable, not as good as soap/water

I buy these things all the time! I WOH full-time, and these wipes are great for freshening up pump parts anywhere: I've used them in the office, in the car, etc. They air-dry quickly and your pump is ready to go for the next round. They obviously can't get into some of the smaller parts of the pump, so it's not as good as soap and water and shouldn't be the only way you clean your pump parts. But for some situations, they're great! The individually-wrapped ones are best for traveling, but these have less packaging and the sticker on the top reseals better than most similar dispensers.


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