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Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers Reviews

Positive Reviews


great diaper


Pros: Affordable and chlorine free

Cons: it falls apart sometimes.

When I take a break from cloth diapering for long trips or outings I like using Seventh Generation diapers.

Negative Reviews


less guilt using these dispoable diapers


Pros: no leaks, no chemicals

Cons: price, disposable

I received some at my baby shower so I used them. I would wait and use them whenever LO and I went out. I really liked that they are chemical free - it made me feel less guilty for using a disposable diaper. But oh my goodness... the price  I did not have any issues with these but once I used what I was gifted I did not repurchase - I rather spent money on building my CD stash. You will get more for your money using CDs and disposable inserts while on outings.

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Works, but really 'papery' feeling!


Pros: Cheaper than some other eco-friendly sposies, no chlorine or perfumes, good tiny baby fit

Cons: Rather 'papery' feeling, not comfortable at all

We bought these when my son was first home from the hospital after his NICU stay while I was awaiting my order of tiny cloth to arrive. They fit him really well when other brands didn't, so that was a plus.   These diapers feel super 'papery', though. Like... I'm taping on a piece of paper towel to my baby! I don't know, I only tried a few other diapers, but he was using Pamper's preemie size in the NICU and they were soft to the touch. These are crinkly and loud and ... papery!   I think they are likely fine in a pinch and they are chlorine/perfume free and all that - but I'm not sure that I'd use them 'exclusively' if I were not doing cloth!

they look natural, and that's the problem


Pros: inexpensive, chlorine free, cute, natural alternative to cloth diapers

Cons: not as eco friendly as cloth, no sizing on diaper itself

I was so happy when my sister introduced me to these.  We buy these our local Grocer Outlet store for $8 a package, at another local store as well.  A natural, chlorine free disposable diaper that didn't hurt my baby's skin, for under $10? Seriously, where were these brands for my first daughter?!?!   PRO * perfect for sensative skin * not expensive even at full retail * natural disposable alternative * chlorine free * cute natural brown color   CON *not as eco friendly as cloth *no sizes on the diaper itself except in tiny print under the sticky tags.  DH cannot stand this.   I like them because of how my babe's skin looks after...
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good alternative


Pros: better than "huggies" , no perfume

I usually use cloth, but when you just need a disposable, its sooo nice to have some that don't have as much of the chemical crap in them for your baby's bottom! I found these to be stink-free (perfumes) and soft, simple, and effective. They are by far my favorite alternative when on the go, or other non-cloth diapering need!

worked great!


Pros: great fit, good absorbency, green materials - no chemicals

Cons: expensive

I loved these diapers for my daughter. I felt good putting her in them - she didnt get a rash from them like she did regular dispoables, and they fitted her well and never leaked. They held anything that came their way. They are expensive, but I would search out deals online.

Great to Start


Pros: Chem free, easy, nice fit.


These were great to start--you know, when you're changing a diaper every fifteen minutes, and a lot of those are at night? You just take it out, toss it in the trash, and usually you can reuse the cover. If not, well, at least you didn't have to spend any time cleaning it out in the toilet. They're great for that.    They are waaaaay expensive though. $15 for a pack of 32? No thanks. So we kept it to night times mostly for the first few weeks--we used 2 packs total--and then switched totally to cloth. Besides, there's less waste with cloth.

Best disposables I have found


Pros: good fit, no chemicals, easy to use

Cons: expensive, smell

We used a pack of these when my DD was first born to keep from staining her cloth diapers with meconium. Not only did they work well, the newborn size (smaller than a size 1) has a little cut out to avoid irritating the umbilical cord. How thoughtful is that? We used them again when I took DD on a 2 week trip to London when she was 14 months. They were absorbent enough to last her through the night and fit well enough to keep blowouts to a minimum. My one complaint is the smell. Not just the smell of poop and pee because you get that with any diaper, but the urine mixed with the absorbent material created a strange smell. I only noticed it with overnight diapers when there was a lot of...
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Great for first week!


Pros: Easy and less guilty than regular diapers

Cons: disposable and therefore causing pollution

At the advice of our midwife we purchased one pack for our DD right after birth so that the changing and washing of the initial excrement would not be in the way of a first time parent situation. I love that these diapers don't transfer chemicals on to my child and they were very easy and stretchy.  A size one fit our 3 month old in a pinch when all our cloths were dirty (we still had 1 diaper left from birth)
Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Eco-Friendly Disposable Diapers › Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers › Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers Reviews