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Works, but really 'papery' feeling!

A Review On: Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers

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Pros: Cheaper than some other eco-friendly sposies, no chlorine or perfumes, good tiny baby fit

Cons: Rather 'papery' feeling, not comfortable at all

We bought these when my son was first home from the hospital after his NICU stay while I was awaiting my order of tiny cloth to arrive. They fit him really well when other brands didn't, so that was a plus.


These diapers feel super 'papery', though. Like... I'm taping on a piece of paper towel to my baby! I don't know, I only tried a few other diapers, but he was using Pamper's preemie size in the NICU and they were soft to the touch. These are crinkly and loud and ... papery!


I think they are likely fine in a pinch and they are chlorine/perfume free and all that - but I'm not sure that I'd use them 'exclusively' if I were not doing cloth!


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