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A Review On: Seventh Generation Free & Clear Newborn Diapers

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Newborn Diapers

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Pros: Fit great, less leaks, no chemicals

Cons: disposable, hard to tell when wet

We bought these for our little one until he could fit into his cloth diapers. He was 6lbs, 12oz and they fit great. We came home from the hospital with pampers and huggies and hated both. The Huggies leaked and fit horribly. The Pampers gave him a terrible rash and irritated his skin. The Seventh Generation were exactly what we needed. We did have a hard time telling when they were wet until they were soaked. When soaked they are hard and swollen. I wish they had some sort of indicator when wet so our little one wasnt sitting in urine for long. Overall they were a pretty good product and I will use them again.


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