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Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great invention!


Pros: keeps diaper in place, no pins

Cons: learning curve

Once we got the hang of these we loved them. At first we would sometimes not get the center tab in place correctly and then the whole thing would slide up and sometimes rub baby's stomach. We loved these when DD was little because she was skinny and it could be hard to keep the diaper in place under the covers if the covers were on the large side. These fixed that problem. At about 6 months we put them away but I recently pulled them back out for potty training. Using a diaper WITHOUT a cover (just the sanppi holding it in place) makes the kid uncomfortable when they have an accident but offers much more absorption than training pants. We use this system for nap times and training pants...
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Easy to use


Pros: Easy, does the job

Cons: none

I have several snappis and really only need 2. They are great for prefolds and are much easier to use than safety pins. We have had no trouble with them- easy to use, effective and does the job.

Negative Reviews


good alternative to pins


Pros: safe and durable material

Cons: a little hard to get diaper completly together

I first tried these with just trifolds and a soft cover. Takes some practice to get it on nice and tight. Overall great alternative to pins if cloth diapering on budget. As babies get mobile, lots harder to get on.

with wraps, these are moot


Pros: none

Cons: why?

Why use these?  Buy yourself some prefolds, FOLD THEM to fit a diaper wrap, and wrap it all around baby.  Its that simple. I tried these for one night.  It works, but why take the extra time and wrap the baby twice, once with the prefold, once with the cover.  Nothing else to say,  I do not understand the need for these at all. NOTE: We eventually switched to pocket diapers with no prefolds needed.

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Works decently well for little babies


Pros: Easy to use, works for infants

Cons: Expensive for what it is

We used these with pre-folds and covers for my son until he was about 6 months old.   I feel like they were worth the money when he was little. It held the diaper in place well and usually stayed on. Sometimes they did fall off, or one side would unhook.   Once my little one was over 5 months or so, the size 1 was too small and we didn't end up buying the next size up. At that point we just switched to newspaper fold and that's what we've used ever since.    I think if we have another baby in the future I'll use these for the little baby period, just like we did this time.   They are certainly easier than pins, that's for sure! ;)

felt I wasted money here.


Pros: helps hold prefold in place

Cons: afraid of sharp edges, added stress for just starting CDing

I got these because of a cloth diapering class I took. I think just starting Cding it was just an extra step. I find doing a trifold to be much better. I really diddn't like how the snappi held the prefold right up against the babys skin, changing poopey diaps were much messier with the snappi. not to mention the scary sharp edges on the wiggies that hold em in place.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners › Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners Reviews