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Easy to grasp, cute teether

A Review On: Sophie the Giraffe Natural Teether

Sophie the Giraffe Natural Teether

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Pros: Easy to grasp, very chewable, attractive

Cons: Initial odor

I ordered the Sophie the GIraffe teether for my five month old daughter who was teething hard and chewing on *everything*. The initial odor of the natural rubber was a bit strong, but it didn't seem to bother DD. It dissipated after a day or two and hasn't been an issue since. It's been about six weeks since we got Sophie, and she's been a favorite toy of DD's. I pulled a handful of toys out of her basket today, and she immediately went for Sophie. She can grab almost anywhere on the teether and get a good grip, plus plenty of space to chew on. The "give" of the rubber seems to be just right as a teething surface. The squeaker initially bugged me, mostly as my older boys tried to show her how to squeak it, but now, as she plays with it and it squeaks gently, I don't mind at all.

Overall, Sophie is a great addition to our teether/toy collection! I will gladly choose to give Sophie to expectant parents, as well.


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