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Sophie the Giraffe Natural Teether Reviews

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Her favorite teething toy


Pros: multiple teething surfaces, easy to hold, cute!

Just had to chime in and give Sophie some positive props on behalf of my daughter and all the other babes I know who love this great teething toy! Sophie has given my DD much relief while teething lately. And, she has been able to hold Sophie since she was pretty young, thanks to the size and shapes, even when she had a hard time hanging on to other teethers.   BTW, I am fairly sensitive to odors and tastes, and Sophie does not bother me at all.

Sophie is a popular gal around here!


Pros: Non-toxic, bendy, squeaky, lots of ways for babes to grab

We love Sophie around here!  Our Sophie has been through two kids and is still going strong.    My six-month-old loves to grab and twist her and make her squeak.  She's an especially big hit when we have to go somewhere in the car.    We love that she's non-toxic (food-based dyes are used, even) and stuffable in to most pockets.    Hooray for Sophie!

We love Sophie!


Pros: Easy for little hands to hold, helps teethers, super cute

Cons: little pricey for a teething toy

Sophie is a great teething toy. Actually it's the only teething toy our daughter will use.

We love Sophie!


Pros: Easy to put in mouth, easy to grip, chewable

Cons: squeak can get annoying if done too much

I bought Sophie because of the good reviews on this site. I had never actually heard of her before then. My daughter LOVES her, but so do her older brother and sister! The big two like to squeak her a lot which gets a little annoying, but when the baby is playing with Sophie, she will bang her on the ground (like she's walking) and it makes just a faint cute little squeak! Love it :)

Love Sophie!


Pros: non-toxic, it works!, squeeker makes my son smile

Cons: expensive

My son didn't show much interest in Sophie until he started teething and grabbing things. However, now he loves Sophie. In fact, this is the only teether we have that he actually uses as a teether! He chews on her legs and horns and gets a big smile on his face when you squeek her!



Pros: natural, squishy, soothing, cute

Cons: long legs could be a hazard

My husband was skeptical when he saw how much I was paying for a small, rubber giraffe, but Sophie has proved her worth time and time again. My child loves to gnaw on her legs and head. This soothes his gums and makes for a fun toy when he's not teething. What would we do without Sophie? I've read a couple reviews that spoke of the legs as being a possible choking hazard, but you should be supervising your child anyway, right? Great toy. Invaluable.

We looove Sophie!!!


Pros: Easy to hold, great teether, cute, squeaky

Cons: Natural rubber wears out

My mom purchased Sophie the Giraffe for my son right after he was born, and he has loved her ever since he could hold a toy!  Sophie's a great first toy, and the natural rubber is perfect to let your baby teeth on.  You can rest assured that there aren't any scary phthalates or other toxins in this beautiful toy.  And, it can be an heirloom toy - made in France and comes in a cute box with a souvenir certificate.  :) The only drawback is that the natural rubber can wear out and get holes in it if your baby loves Sophie as much as mine does.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Health and Safety › Teething › Sophie the Giraffe Natural Teether › Sophie the Giraffe Natural Teether Reviews