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A Review On: Sunshine Kids Radian80 SL Convertible Car Seat, Primrose

Sunshine Kids Radian80 SL Convertible Car Seat, Primrose

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Rhoda Healing
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Pros: slim design, solid, comfy for kids

Cons: heavy to carry

I love this car seat. We bought this after I was in an accident and had to replace carseats.  We looked at several and went with this because of: 


1. The steal frame design

2. The weight limit on rear and front facing while being in a harness

3. slender design

4. side protection


  My daughter has always been small, She has been in this seat for about 3 years. The only reason she is coming out of it, is because she has requested to be in a big seat like her brothers.  It is heavy, but it is also not made cheaply. I am not afraid of my daughter's seat just crumbling around her leaving her unprotected.  She sleeps just fine in the seat with her head not falling forward. She is a tall 5 now and still has plenty of room in the seat.  It doesn't take up to much room in the car which is great when we have to put someone next to her.  You do have to unbuckle the seat to adjust straps, but honestly that is such a minor issue I do not see it as a CON at all! 


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