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Sunshine Kids RadianXTSL Convertible Car Seat

67% Positive Reviews


Pros: feels very safe - steel frame, narrow, fold up seat for storage

Cons: heavy...very heavy

I bought this seat after much research. I love that my daughter can stay rear facing in it up to 40 pounds, love the heavy quality feeling of it, its sturdy build, the narrowness of it as I have a  compact car. It feels like the quality item it is. What I do not like is the weight of it when i travel with it, or but the main thing I dont like is that it doesnt fit properly in my compact car rear facing - not enough space between head rest and top back of seat. Once I turn her forward facing it will fit....have had to buy another for the interim.100_4990.JPG


Pros: Extended rearfacing, nice color

Cons: HUGE, tricky install, heavy, LATCH loosens

I purchased the Radian XTSL in Nitro for my 3yo son who was outgrowing the Marathon. DS loves the color of the Radian and was thrilled with the seat from the get-go.

This seat is HUGE. Very tall shell, though it sits lower than many. Still, when rearfacing, it takes up a LOT of room. I'm really not sure how it could possibly fit in most vehicles, especially when newer cars restrict restraints from touching seat backs. headscratch.gif

I installed the Radian in the driver's side captain's chair in our 2007 Honda Odyssey using LATCH and the Super Latch strap included with the seat. Getting it upright is very difficult. The seat is braced by our front seat, which is allowable in an Odyssey, but not in some vehicles. I have been told that a more upright install might be possible with the seatbelt, only, instead of the LATCH.

We've also had an issue with the LATCH loosening over time. I'm not sure if it does it completely on its own or if the loosening mechanism is being affected by his playing with the end of the strap. When i've threaded the loose end all the way through the other side, so he can't get to it at all, it seems to stay tighter. Given that, I've yet to try installing it with the belt.

The Nitro material is a sort of mesh similar to basketball shorts. DS has no issues with it. It annoys me when my fingernails get caught in it. The harness adjuster is the type that you have to pull-stop-pull-stop, not a smooth adjuster like I prefer.

DS has plenty of room in his new seat and is very happy in it. I wish there were a better combination for extended rearfacing, but I'm glad he'll be able to use this seat for a very long time.

UPDATE: We ended up returning this seat because of the recurring problems with the SuperLATCH loosening significantly. I believe this was likely due to a variety of factors, but Sunshine Kids refused to acknowledge that there was a problem or take responsibility for it. I bought the seat to keep DS rearfacing, but was unable to do so safely. With the SuperLATCH loosening, I literally had easily moveable slack after an initially tight install. Installing in a 2007 Odyssey with the belt is impossible (really). So we were forced to move DS forward facing, and returned the Radian in favor of a Frontier 85. Sunshine Kids may have worked on some of the issues, but it was more than I'm willing to risk with them, again.


Pros: Slim, easier to carry, easy to use, ok to clean

Cons: Very tall for rear-facing

This was the second carseat we bought, and we love it! It has a slim profile and fits into the seat perfectly forward-facing, making it very easy for DD to climb in and out of it. Rear-facing, it is very tall, so it does require some effort to get it to fit. We love it for traveling because it folds up flat and is much, much easier to pass through the x-ray, carry through the airport, and install on the plane compared to our Evenflo. While still heavy, it doesn't have a lot of the excess and padding that the other, bulkier seats have. I plan on buying 1-2 more for our 2nd DD!
Sunshine Kids RadianXTSL Convertible Car Seat

The RadianXTSL Convertible Car Seat is packed with features. Suitable for children weighing 5 to 80 lbs, the unique steel alloy frame and energy absorbing 5-point harness are certain to keep your little one safe and secure. The aluminum reinforced head support is height adjustable with 7" deep side and EPS foam that surround your child's head and body.  The new SuperLATCH feature provides a greater weight capacity for your car seat. Its steel alloy frame and SuperLATCH system are NCAP crash tested to 80 lbs, making it the strongest car seat in the world and the easiest to install using vehicle LATCH anchors up to 80 lbs - no seat belt required. The detachable base allows for easy rear-facing installations, while its low side profile makes boarding your child a breeze. Thick memory foam padding in the seat and infant cushion support ensure your child's comfort. Though packed with so many great features, it is still compact enough to fit 3 across the back seat. The RadianXTSL also folds flat to be carried over your shoulder or like a back pack with the included padded straps. Features: Birth to 80 lbs in 5-point harness Folds flat for easy travel & storage, includes convenient carry strap Advanced side impact protection Energy absorbing EPS foam Steel alloy frame and aluminum reinforced sides SuperLATCH installation up to 80 lbs - no seat belt required Easy-Tite adjuster for quick and easy tightening SafeStop energy absorbing harness system Rubber bottom grips for no-slip installation 10 position adjustable head support 5-point harness with 5 shoulder positions and 3 buckle slots for a perfect harness fit as your child grows Thick memory foam padded seat for superior comfort Specifications: Rear-facing: 5 lbs to 45 lbs Forward-facing: 1 year old or 20-80 lbs Open Seat Dimensions: 28.5"H x 17”W x 16"D Folded Seat Dimensions: 28.5"H x 17”W x 10"D Seat Weight: 23.5 lbs Gift Wrap not available. Shipping Note: This item ships via UPS Ground within contiguous United States only. Cannot be shipped to AK/HI, PO boxes, US territories, or APO/FPO addresses.

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