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A Review On: Sunshine Kids RadianXTSL Convertible Car Seat

Sunshine Kids RadianXTSL Convertible Car Seat

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Pros: Slim, easier to carry, easy to use, ok to clean

Cons: Very tall for rear-facing

This was the second carseat we bought, and we love it! It has a slim profile and fits into the seat perfectly forward-facing, making it very easy for DD to climb in and out of it. Rear-facing, it is very tall, so it does require some effort to get it to fit. We love it for traveling because it folds up flat and is much, much easier to pass through the x-ray, carry through the airport, and install on the plane compared to our Evenflo. While still heavy, it doesn't have a lot of the excess and padding that the other, bulkier seats have. I plan on buying 1-2 more for our 2nd DD!


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