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For the sensative skin family on a budget

A Review On: Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion - Fragrance Free

Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion - Fragrance Free

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Pros: WORKS, not expensive, no smell, silky, and um not expensive :)

Cons: um, no cute bottle?

I have always had super sensative skin, so before I put anything on my girls, I do a trial run on myself.  Given how easy it is to label products a natural (when they aren't or are only kind of sort of part way there), its the easiest way to tell, especially with inexpensive product lines where the cost of said experiment is less than the time cost of researching all over the internet.



-not expensive, so if it could work for you, its not a big investment to find out


-no smell or colors added (the colors really kill my skin)

-silky texture goes on easily and works very well

-did I mention not expensive ? :)



-just uses the original veggie ingrediants that the chemicals come from to sound nicer

-no cute bottle (yes, I care about that, although not enough to actually buy any other brand for myself, it just means I ask for other things as gifts :) )


It works, its nice and silky


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