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Swaddlebees Econappi One-Size Pocket Diaper

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #17 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: Fit baby for 7 weeks & cute prints

Cons: Not very soft

I used the newborn diapers. They had a snap down for the cord and very adjustable in size. I didnt like how the inside wasnt very soft. I believe it is bamboo? I could be wrong. Its a AIO.


These diapers are Made in the USA!!!! Do you know how hard it is to find that!? I sell a variety of cloth diapers, teach about cloth diapers, use cloth diapers, and my friends use cloth, so I have seen a lot of diapers. They are the most absorbent of any diaper I have found- because of the bamboo inserts. The lining for the pocket is not soft, moisture-wicking fleece, but instead organic cotton velour. This does not stay quite as dry against baby's skin- but is great for potty training purposes. The velour also is not as soft when you hang dry. But while some diapers just aren't the best for some babies- this diaper fits every baby I have seen and is a guaranteed favorite by the parents. The price is a bit higher than most pocket diapers, but that because the company make all diapers here is the USA, uses organic cotton against baby's skin instead of synthetic fibers (i.e. fleece), and has bamboo inserts! Most people have to spend the money later to buy bamboo inserts for their growing child who needs more absorbency- so do yourself a favor try these diapers!!!!


Pros: Super absorbent and well made

I absolutely love our Econappis.  They are extremely well made and made with lovely bamboo!


Pros: Soft, absorbent bamboo insert, trim, great fit

Cons: Cost

Great diaper made in the states. These are my favorite pockets. They fit my 20 month old with plenty of room to grow and he weighs 31lbs!  I've been using them for a year.  You can sometimes find these and other Swaddlebees' products cheap in their clearance sales.  Bottom line, these diapers are worth the money.  They won't let you down!

Swaddlebees Econappi One-Size Pocket Diaper

Swaddlebees Econappi Pocket Diapers are adjustable in both size and absorbency. Adjust the size as your baby grows. You can use it on most babies that range from 10-35 lbs (4.5-16 kg). Stuff it with as little or as much absorbency as you need to get you through a quick trip to the store, a long car ride, or even overnight. Available in fun, modern color combinations, each Econappi by Swaddlebees has two rows of snaps for adjusting the size as your baby grows. An outer layer of laminated polyester keeps wetness in, while an inner layer of Organic Cotton Velour is soft and gentle against delicate baby skin. All Econappis include 2 inserts which can be inserted inside the pocket, or laid on top. The small insert consists of 4 layers of organic cotton/bamboo for use when your baby is at the smallest size setting. Small inserts can also be used as doublers as your baby outgrows the smallest setting, when extra absorbency is desired. The longer insert consists of 6 layers of organic cotton/bamboo blend which can be trifolded and is adjustable in length. The long insert is topped with a layer of Organic Cotton Velour (which provides the same soft, stay-dry qualities as micro-fiber or suedecloth) which is perfect if you prefer to lay the insert on top of your Econappi, rather than stuffing it in the pocket. Econappi: 1 diaper, 2 styles, 3 sizes Sizing Information: Weight Range: 10-35 lbs (4.5-16 kg) Waist: 9-21" (23-53 cm) Thighs: 4-12.5" (10-32 cm) Rise: 13.5-18.5" (34-47 cm) Made By: Swaddlebees Made In: USA

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