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A Review On: Teething Bling Pendant - Donut Shape (Pink Camouflage)

Teething Bling Pendant - Donut Shape (Pink Camouflage)

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Pros: Useful as a Nursing Necklace that is a teether too!

This necklace is AWESOME!!  I can't say enough good things!!  I began searching for a nursing necklace.  However, some of the necklaces I found were bulky and gaudy!  Baby may enjoy them, but definitely not pretty for mom.  I found some necklaces that were beautiful, but not functional because baby could touch, but not safely put in their mouth.  I was so relieved when I found Teething Bling!  Not only can baby grasp the necklace while I am nursing (much better than pinching my breast ;), but when I am wearing him in the mei tai, he can chew, pull, or hold this necklace.  It is SO practical and BEAUTIFUL!!  There are so many different colors and they look amazing.  My daughter, sons and friends actually ask if they can wear them too!  There is a new sport line that is coming out too and they have the most amazing customer support.  Plus, there are matching bangles.  I am so thankful for finding this amazing product!!  Kemuel after his haircut.jpg


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Very good idea....